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First bike/ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jezzabelle, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Ok so I got a bike last night. Had the day off work today, don't actually have my learners (booked for next weekend) I couldn't not take it out :)

    Racked up 50 odd kays round the back streets, sooo much fun :p I'm not as bad as I had expected

    Btw it's a zx2r

    Would post a pic but won't let me lol

    Lame :roll: threads suck without pics

  2. Contribute a few more posts and soon enough you can include pics.

    Ps. Be very, very, careful if you're going to ride unlicensed/uninsured/etc in the meantime. Better yet, wait till after your learners to avoid anything unexpected.
  3. Nothing like the sound of 20000rpm in the morning to wake you up. Fun bikes :)
  4. congrats on the new bike.
    have fun! :LOL:
  5. nice one man..

    what yr model?
  6. Well with the weather being like it has been over the weekend, I couldn't help but rack up a few more k's. Sooo much fun! Why didn't I get into this sooner? Oh that's right, obsessive parents :roll:

    It's a black 89 zx2r or something like that...Ran outta fuel last night (durrr) ended up beached on a roundabout until I figured out I was outta gas :oops:

    Also taken off with the kickstand down a few times, only to have it stall and I'm wtf is happening..

    Apart from these newbie mistakes I'm having (careful) fun :grin:

    ps. If I were to get caught unlicensed, would I expect to lose points from my car license or be barred from obtaining a motorcycle learner permit?
  7. $524.00 fine, no points.

    Your insurance will not cover you if you are unlicensed:
    * That could mean you have to repair your own bike and replace your riding gear if you have a solo accident. $4000+?
    * It could mean you'll be up for several tens of thousands of dollars, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars, if you strike a third party. Hospital bills for the third party, ongoing compensation, repairs to their vehicle(s).

    Can you afford that?

    Not worth it, especially at the riskiest part of your riding career. Get your license and don't ride until after you've got it. It's only a week.
  8. Plus there's the whole "if you can't even remember the kickstand how are you going to react when someone pulls out in front of you" thing. Get trained!
  9. putting your kickstand up should be like putting on your seatbelt...
  10. It's ok. I won't be riding till I get my license. My gf stole my keys :evil: She's not giving them back until I get it. Damn her and her (sensible) ways.

    Owned. :shock:
  11. She's only looking out for you mate, by this time next week you'll be laughing. All the best on your test.
  12. Sensible, clever girlfriend.

    But when you do get your Ls you should check out the Newbie Ride on Tuesday nights. It is fun to ride with other people, and the newbie ride is good because it doesn't encourage speeding or overtaking or trying to show off, so you can be comfortable riding within your limits.
  13. Yeah the newbie rides look good, although a little out of my way I'm sure I could make the trip! Good to see that there's something happening almost every night of the week - quite a communtiy going on here :)

    This summer is gonna be the best :cool:
  14. out of curisosity how much did you pay for your ZX2R, im also looking for one...
  15. Congrats on the bike !!

    +1 Spots
  16. Well done on ur bike purchase!!
    It isn't bad to have a person in your life who cares, altho I hear u cos my hubby is taking me thru the "step by step" approach to riding :wink:
    At times its frustrating, yet I've realised its not all bad given I'm learning more & more each time about my bike & my true abilities.

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  17. In VIC, all license are linked. If you pilot a boat drunk and lose your boat license, you lose your bike and car license as well.