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First bike recommendations

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jane Deaux, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Hey, guys

    So I know there are a lot of threads of this nature, but every poster has their own 'criteria'

    I've just passed my L's and been riding around on a friends CB400 [which I love] and today found out that CB400s are being 'phased out' and as such, I feel I need to have other bikes on my list as picking up a CB400 may be unlikely... I'm waiting for end of financial year to buy [will be able to buy full protective gear set with tax back] and I'm happy to go brand new.

    A bit about my self; I'm about 162 cm tall and weigh about 68kgs.

    I was at the Peter Steven's dealership in Dandenong for browse and a few bikes caught my eye. Mainly the Yamaha MT 03 and 07 and the CB500F. A friend I went with to the dealership went out and said with my size the MT 07 may be too much for me. I'm really looking for something I can keep beyond my Ps.

    Would love to hear feedback on the bikes mentioned and of course recommendations for other bikes.
  2. Buy secondhand, no worries about the CB400 running out then.
    Those new Yamahas seem very good too, the MT03 and MT07, you won't go wrong with any of them if they are a good fit for you physically.
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  3. Yeah, but the problem with phasing out means there will be less of them, which becomes a problem if I need to replace a part, want mods, etc. I can just see it becoming an expensive problem long term.

    I want to keep my bike for a while and I want to be able to customise it [to an extent]
  4. Well it's settled then :)


    There was one of these in the showroom when I was there about 3-4 weeks ago. Even if they are dropping the model I don't think it'll cause any problems in the next month or so. Good ergonomics for the shorter rider, hit up some HGH and pushing it around will be no problem either :D
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  5. Wouldn't be too concerned about parts, being so popular parts will be available for many years to come, factory or after market parts and mods to your hearts content
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  6. Sit on them all, ride as many as you can, go to the learners sessions in your city to talk and see and touch and feel and then get the one that raises your heartbeat every time you see it.

    Riding is and should be emotional.
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  7. I really do want the 400, might have to go to city dealerships to find one though as Peter Steven's in Dandy had none. My goal was to go in after the new model comes out to try pick up the previous model on the cheaper side :p
  8. I have CB500F but would have bought the 400 if it werent 11 grand! Also be careful out there on a bike
  9. The cb400s price tag is definitely a deterrent, the only deterrent. I really do love riding it. I sat on the 500f and felt very at home, I didn't want to ask for a test ride though cause it was towards the end of business day and didn't want to be *that* person. I may change my mind after test riding the 500f, I have found some really nice mods [mainly exhaust] that attract me to the 500f. I feel like I would out grow the MT 03 after a few months and that my friend was right to suggest the MT 07 maybe too much power for me.

    At the moment I feel like its the 400 v the 500f and a test ride will decide the winner, but that damn price tag...
  10. New model?? What's this now? :eek:
  11. well I'm assuming there will be the new model in a few months... I hope I don't assume wrong...
  12. All LAMS bikes have to meet a certain power to weight classification so there is very little difference in the end. The MT07 will not 'have too much power' for you. It's more a case of the overall weight and centre of gravity /steering geometry that will make it feel heavy or less or more nimble compared to others.

    Also, seriously consider buying a one or two year old model from someone who has served his or her P sentence. There are good ones around
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  13. Hmmm.....The updated Revo was released in 2014, the current 2016 model is basically the 2015 Japanese special edition, and there's a new 2016 Japanese special edition too, I'd say there's a bit of life left in the current one. Honda Australia may just drop the bike if they want, like the CB1100, CB1300....
  14. I think GeorgeO nailed it with some good advice, Don't hesitate to go to a dealer and test ride them all. Dealers expect it and want it.
    The other things you need to ask are how are you going to use the bike. There's bikes of just about every shape and design to meet individual needs, question is, finding your match. Is this bike going to be the daily commute? a Weekender? Going to take it to the track? Do you have friends who ride and how do they use their bikes? Chances are you'll be group riding with them whenever you can.
  15. When you start out you THINK you know what riding you want to do.

    You also buy the gear you THINK you need.

    You end up changing as you gain experience and realise what works for you.
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  16. Just buy a good used one, low km, late model and still under warranty if possible.

    This one is a peach, 2013 with only 932km - ride from SA or ship. 2013 Honda CB400 for sale

    Unusually can't see any 2012 or later for sale in VIC!

    Wouldn't worry about parts either. These things are rock solid and popular so plenty OEM and a/m parts in the market.
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  17. chillibuttonchillibutton that looks like an absolute steal... I'd definitely have a look if I had to do my time again haha
  18. Honda VTR 250.

    Love it can't say nothing more.
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  19. Thanks for all the feed back guys, that cb400 is amaze, cheers, Chillibutton :D I'll have to update the thread in about a month or so when I get my bike :D