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First Bike Recomendation?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by neodude112320, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I'm going to be buying my first (Well, Road Registered bike) bike in the near future. It will be a road/trail so i can use it for camping and what not but i dont know what to be looking for? I've been surfing on bike sales and the Honda XR400's have caught my eye.

    Keeping in mind i'll be getting my L's in a month or two, what kind of road/trail bike would you recomend?

  2. Make the search function your friend...

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  3. my son rides a XR400sm supermotard and its a great bike. he also looked at drz400's
  4. Yeah i've been looking at the XR400 Or TTR250. Small question about riding a dirty on the road, what are they like crusing down the freeway? Where me and my mates go camping it's about a 3 hour ride, 2 of which on freeways.
  5. KLR650 or DR650 are both good bikes.
  6. I will sell you my "93" 250cc Bandit its a top bike. pm me for more info.
  7. I ride a DR650 on the monash 5 days a week, you get blown around a fair bit but it's not too bad. The lighter the bike the greater the effects of the wind on the bike will be. Invest in a windscreen and if you go for the DR650, a seat upgrade. XR400 is a very good choice for riding on the dirt, more so than the DR650 and KLR650, KLR650 is the best one for freeway riding.
  8. The XR would be a fine choice is you're doing plenty of dirt. Otherwise a naked 250 twin if you'll be doing mostly road with some dirt. The in-between bikes are mostly great at nothing.
  9. o_O

    The dry weight on a dr650 is about 175kgs. Thats as much as a ninja. That isn't what i would call a "lightweight". How much you get blown around depends on your riding style.

    Having come from a postie bike, wind only poses a problem to those that don't know how to handle it. Unless its cyclonic winds, but by then you got other problems you should be thinking about :D
  10. I stand corrected. Thanks Vert C. Big google fail on my behalf... I was quoting the weight for an older model DR650. ](*,)

    Just as an aside...

    147 dry with 40odd HP... THAT WOULD BE A HOOT!!!! :D
  11. If your intention is to ride it hard down trails and dirt bike tracks after you reach your camping spot, then don't expect too much from something that will travel well down the freeway.
    If trails riding is kept a bit tamer then the bikes recomended would be good.

    The honda?...i'd throw that on a trailer. Not the right machine for a highway, especially since you'll have luggage.
  12. my vote for motard. just got a SXV 450 myself for lams and its a treat. BMX with an engine. get stuck into it.