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First bike questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Durkan1987, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. hey all, i just got my motorbike learners and now need a bike to buy. im looking for a lerner legal bike that will last a few years as i dont want to upgrade my bike for a while once i get it, about 4-5yrs (until i get out of Uni). i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good learner legal bike that i can get that will last that long.
    also i heard that there was some sort of computer chip that you can put in motorbikes to reduce their power. if that is true maybe i should buy a 650 or something instead and install the computer chip to make it learner legal, and then when i have no restrictions on my license i can just get the chip removed. anybody know anything about these chips? and how reliable they are? and if thery're even real?

    In considering bike suggestions i should mention that i only live about 3kms from my university and i only go to uni once a day five days a week. apart from that there is nothing else i will really use my motorbike for (maybe a few other small trips every now and again).

  2. Hi and Welcome. What is your budget? If you are goin to keep the bike for a long time a 250 wont satisfy you after a while. Bikes like Ducati 600SS and other can be restricted to become learner legal, dont know much about it tho, its not a myth tho :) I can talk highly of the nsr but i dont think i would personally keep that for 5 years haha :LOL:
  3. think what you've probably heard relates to the Hyosung 65o sports
    which can have the power output downgraded on purchase and upgraded by the dealer upon proof of your license upgrade......cheap bike and talked up by a few here......check out bike reviews forum.

  4. Talked down by a fair few more though. lol
  5. Regarding chipped/restricted bikes, you might be thinking of the 33 horsepower restrictors available for many of the bikes in the UK market.

    We don't use the 33hp UK restrictors in Australia.

    For NSW the bike must come restricted to the LAMS power/weight ratio from factory; once the restrictor is removed it can't be re-restricted. Only the Hyosung 650cc LAMS bikes and the Ducati Monster somethingorother offer this feature, from memory.
  6. my budget is about 5k, i dont really want to go higher than that. the reason i suggested getting a more powerful bike is that as you said, i figured ill get bored with a 250, or at least thats what everyone tells me anyways.
    i was looking into hyosungs earlier and they look amazing but im hearing alot about reliability issues, but when im only 3 kms from uni i cant imagine reliability being as big an issue for me as it is with most other people who would travel greater distances. besides the 650 hyosung brand new would be too expensive for me given my budget unless i could find one secondhand with the power reduction in place.
    id still love to know if its possible to get the power reduction in all bikes or just a few tho, it would certainly make things easier.
  7. 3km trip? Get a vtr250 and keep it until you want something for longer hauls.

    Good resale, easy to learn on.

    650 will cost more to run, rego and insure every year - do you really need it?
  8. Take it from someone who's dabbled with increasingly powerful cars (and to a much lesser extent so far, motorcycles) - you will always get bored with a vehicle if all you care about is the power and acceleration.

    At first the new vehicle's acceleration is frightening, exciting - you're not used to being catapulted down the road that fast and have to hang on for dear life!

    After about a week or two, though, it's not so scary... Your body gets used to it and being accelerated from 0-100kph in Very Little Time At All barely raises an eyebrow - and you get even less time to enjoy the sensation. Yawn, ho-hum. The faster bikes can't be ridden at 7/10ths without shattering speedlimits left and right, either.

    I think that a vehicle's "character" and handling are far more important than absolute power and acceleration, when it comes to having 'fun' over the long term. :)

    I digress.

    As I said in my first reply, in Australia you can't restrict a bike to make it learner-legal. It must be sold by the factory as LAMS approved.

    Only two bikes come with removable restrictors for this purpose: Hyosung's 650cc LAMS bikes, and the Ducati Monster LAMS.
  9. Get a Suzuki GS500F ,it will be a nice ride in all weather with a full fairing and its a good solid all rounder and should last years and years with out any major or any problems.
    It might not be the latest looking or fastest bike ,but you will still have fun on it and you can go away for a few days on it and have fun in the twisties.
    If your a uni student the last thing you want or need is a "well documented" hyosung with know problems and a $100 to $2000 repair bills once a year IF you get one of the lemons.