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First bike questions questions.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Personality47, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys and girls, after finally getting my l's, I'm looking for a bike. I was thinking something along the lines of the 250 ninja, but was wondering if it would be to small for me. I'm 6ft and around 80kgs. I had a bit of a sit on one the other day and it didn't feel to bad. Although I have only done the l 's course so I don't really have much to compare it to.
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.

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  2. Are you able to take one for a test ride? That would be a good way of finding out if it's comfortable enough for you. If it is and you like it keep it on your list. If you like it a lot then get it :)
  3. :-O I'm not THAT big aly.. :p
    And as for the test ride, I don't feel confident enough in what little skill I have to ask for one..

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  4. I have a ninja. Plenty of guys your size have sat on it and moved it around and they've all commented about how tiny and toy like the bike is.

    Where are you from? If you're from Melbourne and come down to one of the saturday practise sessions, you're welcome to sit on mine to try it out.
  5. I would love to, but I'm up in Sydney.

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  6. im 5'11" and 88kg, took my mates ninja out a couple of times while on my L's and was feeling fine, just very underpowered.. youll feel like its small and underpowered till you get a bigger bike either way, in hind sight i should have gotten a suzi gs500 or something along those lines, but doesnt matter now as i have a big boys bike :D
  7. I'm about 184-185cm and while its not ideal i get by, need to loose some weight tho, 90kg bit too heavy for it :D
  8. I was looking at the gs500. I had a sit on the 500f but wasn't really a fan of the fairings. I'll have to go and have a look around and have a sit on the naked model. :)

    Tapatalking on my prime :)
  9. I'd go for a test ride anyway and take it easy in residential roads, just ride it up and down a street and move around on the bike to see how it feel. That's the only way to find out as it is different for everybody.
  10. I highly recommend the Honda CB400.. I am 5'10 and 90KG, it has plenty of go to it.. oh and it's naked!
  11. thing is, the CB400 is a fair bit more expensive than the ninja, the only bigger LAMS bike around the $5k mark is the GS500 or ER-5 the rest start kicking in around the $7K mark, for a jap bike anyway, the Hyosung 650 is another option I guess
  12. The cb400 is more expensive, but well worth it if you can afford it - it's priced highly for good reason. That said, I might be biased :p
  13. I'm almost 6'2" and considerably heavier than you... While I may looks like an elephant on a ball, and my Ninja 250R may not be a CBR600 in size, it's pretty much the same size as the CB250's and similar they have at the pre-learner courses. The CB400 was the next option on my shopping list but I was very happy with the Ninja so I didn't even end up test riding the CB400. Plus for value for money, I couldn't go past the Ninja.

    Considering I commute daily to work and have done several long trips on the bike, I'm quite happy with the purchase.

    Also as I'm over 25, I'll be able to upgrade to a bigger bike when I'm on my full license after 3 months on L's and 12 months on P's so the Ninja was never going to be a long term bike for me.
  14. get yourself to Homebush to learner prac sessions, talk to real owners, look at bikes close up, ask questions and you'll get un biased answers about likes and dislikes about all bikes. And buy the bike that suits you and your needs, as always, you get what you pay for, work out if you want a lams bike for under a year, or longer. That kind of helps you deduct the cheaper to the more 'longevity'
  15. I will be coming along to the Saturday morning sessions hopefully in a few weeks. I put a deposit down on a gs500 today :)

    Tapatalking on my prime :)
  16. hey congrats on teh purchse of the bike!! popular model to learn on too.