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First bike question!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rome_rider, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Doing the DKT on Saturday and planning on trying out a few bikes while I'm out and about. Me and my brother are probably going to go halves in it, and possibly pick up a second bike once we get our Ps (We did the licence test together).

    I am 6'0-6'1, and fluctuate between 90-100kg depending on the season :p My brother is about 5'11 and 85kg, so not too different, usually only a 10kg different max between us.

    I originally wanted to get a Honda CB125E for really cheap, just to learn in and not worry about dropping, it was fine enough during the pre-learner course. I then started to worry about if we take it on a freeway/highway. I don't want to have to worry about it not having enough power to get me out of a sticky situation. Then started looking at some bigger bikes.

    Everyone has their own opinions, but for me price does come into it, because there is a good chance it will get dropped in the learning process. Also taking into account we might buy a second one so could get two different models. No issues with sharing etc.

    While the ultimate plan is to turn it over in 12-15 months and get an unrestricted bike, if I like it enough there's a good chance I could just keep it.


    Tossing up between:
    - Kawasaki Ninja 650L
    - Honda CB400
    - Honda CB500r
    - Suzuki GS500
    - Hyosung GT650r

    I'm thinking maybe the GS500 or the GT650r based on price...
  2. The ninja 650l and the cb400 would be my pic out of that list. They are more $ though. I would rather have a second hand one for the $. U really need to go sit on these bikes though as the hyosung gt650r has a very sporty riding position compared to the rest imho.
  3. Good list. MT07?
  4. Have you looked at the new Suzuki SV's? LAMS approved etc etc.

    Best thing is to sit on every one and get a feel for riding position etc. Personally I like to take steps in bike power as I find each range has a different feel and you get to know how to ride a variety of bikes. If you feel confident then a bigger bike will last longer in terms of the need for power and if you like it enough you may keep it longer without having to upgrade down the track until you really deiced what you like.
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  5. Sorry I should have mentioned we are looking at all of these used!! Not new :)

    I have considered the MT07 as well, but a bit outside my price range I recon. Would rather keep it at around $3-5k, $6k tops.
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  6. Ride as many as you can first. Are you talking new bikes or second hand?
  7. Used :)

    Would all of these be able to be ridden though? As in at a dealership? I also feel a bit nervous riding them giving I have 0 riding experience other than the pre-learner course...
  8. Even just going to a dealer and sitting on them will give you an idea. Can't hurt either way :)
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  9. I want to be able to like your posts haha. Thanks for the advice.

    Should I be worried about Hyosung electrical issues? I read that it's a thing...
  10. I've got a friend with a Hyo and has had no issues but yeah there are lots of talk about their electrical reliability. Second hand I'd probably stay away from them, a jap bike would be more reliable.
  11. Go the Ninja 650 if it's a good size for you ergonomically.
    I'm 6' 3" and around 100 kg and the bigger sized and bigger engined LAMS bikes were definitely better. I ended up with a Suzuki GSX650F and it was great.
    I imagine that the Ninja 650 is equivalent (although missng two cylinders).
    The CB400 is a small bike, the Hyosung is a large bike, but there are many negative opinions of them on Netrider (mostly the old carby versions).
  12. I'd normally say the CB400 coz it's the best but you might feel cramped on it. The new SV650 looks the tits, I'd have checked it out if it was a thing when I bought the 400.
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  13. Thanks! Yeh if we went down the hyo route it would be a newer model.

    That's a shame cos it looks so nice. I'll have to check out the new sv650 depending on price. I'm kind of against getting a new LAMS bike though.

    About $3-5k; but willing to push that out depending on the bike!
  14. Story time! I don't live with my gf but I stay over her place quite a bit and there's a bike always parked next to her car parking spot (apartment building) and as it turns out, it happens to be the exact same Yamaha MT-07 I've seen on sale on bike sales!

    I have been parking next to this bike for about 3 months now lol
  15. with a name like Rome_riderRome_rider it can only be an Aprilia or a Ducati
  16. Because of your hight I would think that the GS500 and the cb400 would be a bit cramped for you.
  17. Very similar situation to yours - me and cuz are sharing a bike - we're both similar height - he's 5'11".
    The Ninja 650L is very comfortable on the highway and the riding position feels much more relaxed as it's upright. We also tried a Ninja 300, much lighter but sportier position. at 100kph, the 650 is on a very comfortable 4500 rpm, the 300 might be revving much higher. The only negative, I'd say is the weight - for a learner you've to be really careful to stop this bike as upright as possible and preferably all slow stops using the rear brake especially if you're trigger happy with the front. This is his first bike and he's got used to the weight in almost 2 months of riding now and now usually rides for 2-3 hours easy now.
    He did biatch about the weight for the 2 weeks though...
  18. I have quite long legs for my height (6'2ish) and put in over 26000ks on a gs500. Only found it an issue thrashing the shit out of it in the tight stuff for prolonged periods. Normal riding wasn't an issue.

    They're also quite hard to damage meaningfully. They drop/crash quite well. At 3k for a decent one it sounds perfect for your needs.