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First Bike Please Help!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mick No:8, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Hi guys
    This is my first post here, first of I from Melbourne and have
    just goin' my leaners last Friday :grin: :grin:. I in the market for a 250, I have finally decide on a CBR 250R. Since I don't know anything about motorbike I went to SPOT ON MOTOCYCLES in the city since/ my friend brought a CBR single R from they about 2 years ago and have had no problem it/ they offered 12 month warranty if anything should go wrong with it. The asking prices was $5990 ride away for a bike with only 19,600 km. I got them to drop it down to $5100. Is this a good deal or what? Since I have only leave a deposit I can choose not take the bike and get my money back this bring to the second question, have I made the right choice or should I have pick another bike / brand etc. I'm only "5'4" so the CBR seems to suit me fine. Any help would be great. Thanks for all your help.

    MOD EDIT: I've changed your heading from caps to lower case only because you are a noob please don't post heading in all caps again.

  2. Not sure but I think the single "R" were/are grey imports. Just something to consider as far as spares etc. And if it is an import the rego may be for example Compliance 2000. Where it may have been "born" in 1996.

    Not that it means the bike is a dudd it just means that for the price you pay must reflect these things

  3. If you can stretch your budget a bit, maybe a new GPX250R might be suitable? Worth looking at, brilliant learner ride, good resale when you want to upgrade!!
  4. At that price its more likely 'born' 1990ish era, especially since its a single R. Have a good look at the tyres, chain, sprockets, fairing, instruments, how well it looks cared for, wear on footpegs, evidence of crashes (replaced parts, scratches on bar ends/mirrors). The kms means nothing, odo could be wound back, replaced, etc.

    If its good nick with consumeables fresh, etc. Then its a good deal. Negotiate a full service in if you can though..

    Good luck.

    Theres a list here that explains what to look for.
  5. Love the "grey imports" call... same with cars that are imported. people worry about parts... fact is, more of something there is, more of its parts u will find.

    i own a 180sx and parts are sooooo easy to find and cheap. i can buy most parts i need off ebay.

    same with a cbr, u can buy heaps of stuff off ebay and plenty of wreckers will have everything u could need.

    i had a cbr single R, wasn't much chop, but i always managed to get parts for it, so don't worry about that.

    i'd recommend double R bikes as i call em.. the ones with twin discs up front. ZXR, CBR, FZR, i've ridden all and owned two, they are the goods.

    if u do wanna wait however, i'll hopefully have a new, better looking, cheaper option in 4months or so :)
  6. That's very confidence inspiring :p
  7. darn are you a good bargainer or they just have too much mark up ?

    i am looking for my 1st one as well actually.... never think it is sooo hard to find 1. basically.... from my research...

    for $5,100 u can get (naming a few popular ones)
    -2005/2006 GPX 250R
    -CBR 250RR Tricolor (Aust delivered)
    -2004 ZZR 250
    and heaps more.

    btw, are you paying cash or finance it? if you financed it, could you pls tell me what are the terms if you dont mind.
  8. yeah, was my first bike... crashed it on my driveway before i learnt to ride....

    tank, fairings, gear lever, etc... all found pretty easily.
  9. "the goods" as far as crappy, 20 year old 250's that have been punished in Japan, then brought out here and resprayed go.

    Do yourself a favour mate, skip the whole lamearse 250 4-stroke sportsbike scene. Get somthing for half the price, then use your savings when you upgrade.

    Even better, hold off until the LAMS thing comes in down here.
  10. hahah, ever owned one??

    if u want something that feels sporty, what else can u get that comes near it and is learner legal?? don't give me NSR150 two stroke crap either, i've tested that theory, has nothing on the 4cyl 4stroke bikes!!!

    ZZR and GPX are also lame sounding and performing compared to a CBR or similar bike.

    go ride em and decide for yourself, but it doesn't take long to work it out.

    still, i'll stop defending em now...

    ask me about these via PM instead.
  11. Exactly what this says.. :grin:
  12. Of course i have ridden them, went through the same phase this guy is about to start on, and probably that you are still in. I owned a grey import ZXR250 myself. Got excited after getting my licence and stumped up my hard-earned. I learnt my lesson.

    Yes they are impressive, but only when compared to the other 4-stroke 250s. In my opinion, you are better of donging around on a much cheaper GPX, VT250 or the like for short duration of your restrictions, wring its neck, save your cash and as i said, use it when its time to upgrade to somthing genuinely capable.

    The RS250 remains impressive once you are off your restrictions, fantastic stroker fun. But then, not really the best bike for a learner, and far too expensive.
  13. My aprilia RS125 begs to differ :p

    you can also get them for Circa 5k for a 00~03 model

    but only if you are prepared to look after it properly otherwise it will sh!t itself
  14. RS250 not allowed for learners either.

    I made a profit on my CBR and only lost $400 on my FZR after 3 years... so they hold their value quite well for one... if you are smart about when you buy and not spend $5000 on such an old bike...

    plus, if you are going to ride a bike for at least 1 and a half years ( which you are in NSW with L's then P's restricting you to that bike ), why not make it one you like??
  15. Given that the original poster mentioned Spot On Motorcycles, its reasonable to assume he is in Melbourne/Victoria. In which case, the RS250 is learner legal.

    Any learner/p-plater who cant even enjoy a gpx or a vt250 shouldnt even be on a bike...
  16. My GPX may not 'sound' as nice as other old thrashed CBR250's, but when I was riding at 110 yesterday, all I heard was the wind in my helmet!!

    And it came with a 2 year unlimited warranty, transferable if I sell, the engine is bullet-proof, you can give it a bit and not kill anything. The brake and gear lever are easy to adjust to suit you. You can put a bag rack on it if you need one for touring. Its gets about 29 k's per litre, which works out about 400k's a tank once it's run in. The insurance for a P owner with no finance is around $400 a year.

    But in the end, the decision is yours and yours alone. Good Luck
  17. Oh i see... thats pretty crazy that learners can ride them... but fair enough...

    I was pretty sure the rule was - 150kw/tonne and less than 660cc, in most states now, including VIC.

    I think any one who rides bikes would enjoy any bike. I'm enjoying my TTR250 at the moment.

    Just saying I'd enjoy a CBR250RR on the road alot more. So if I were buying a bike just for the road, I'd buy the bike that I enjoyed the most on the road. GPX is probably a bit more practical, easier to ride, better fuel economy, but 5L/100kms isn't too bad in the 4cyl bikes either.

    Whats with all 4cyl bikes being thrashed out? What if they've got like less than 20,000kms? I think you guys are being too general about the condition of ALL bikes.
  18. Thanks guys for all your help :grin: I live in MElB. so the RS250 are allowed for L's, I not really a good rider and still learning so I don't really think I should get a two stroke. I looked aroud, and it seems that out of all the 250's the CBR hold it value the most. Yeah you could get a "RR" for about that prices private, but I don't know anything about bikes so I would pay abit more and get a 12 month warranty. That the dealers/Spot on-Sumoto etc the asking price for a single R is about $4900-$6000 and the km anywhere from 10,000-64,000. As for the RR $6000-8000 for the kited and the km pretty much the same.
  19. hope its not too late,

    find out about vtr250....... there's 1 cheap one on bikesales... 2004, blue color low ks. probably you would want that instead of the CBR R.