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First bike & place to buy gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nathanbrah, May 6, 2016.

  1. Hey all Netriders!

    I'm currently in year 12 and would like to get my learners motorcycle license at the end of this year. I have wanted a motorcycle for almost 2 years and I am currently looking around for super sport bikes & a good place to buy gear.
    I live in Sydney NSW so a place within Sydney would be great!

    I'm currently looking at Kawasaki Ninja 250r & Yamaha R15's. My maximum price I would purchase a bike would be $3500, maybe $4000. Does anyone recommend another great learner/starter bike? Anything that is super sport though. Also Looks amazing & clean.

    I've been looking around at MCAS for gear, but does anything else recommend a better place for gear?

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  2. Welcome mate, keep some $$ aside for rider training if you can, best invetsment you can make. Also school yourself bu checking out decent YouTube riding channels, and watch "twist of the wrist" which teahes decent cornering etc. The better the rider you are, the more you'll enjoy it, and also less chance of coming a cropper.

    Re L bikes, go sit on a bunch of them and see what you like. Ninja 300 and R3 also get plaudits, as d oKTM 390 Duke etc. So many to look at.
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  3. Every bike shop in Sydney generally has a decent accessories and gear section. MCAS is good in that there are quite a few spread around the Sydney area.

    As chillibuttonchillibutton said, go sit on some and have a look at the R3's, Ninja300's etc
  4. Hey, thanks for the tips. I just had a look at the KTM RC390. It looks amazing! Don't like the headlights that much but I could change them to HID lights?
  5. You should be able to find a few Ninja 300's around the $4k mark. RC390's and R3's go for a fair bit more though.

    In your price range, my order of preference would be Ninja 300 > CBR300R > Ninja250. Wouldn't recommend the R15 if you want a sporty bike.

    Good luck!
  6. Ahh cheers mate. I'm really into the R3's. Abit pricy but I would still be able to afford it. Love how it looks and it's a 300cc
  7. Hey nathanbrah,

    R3's are very nice but expensive relative to your budget. The second generation R15's certainly look the business with the double seat arrangement. The earlier Yamaha R125 also looked very good - they were almost as big as an R1. They aren't a powerful bike but they handle and are nice quality. R125's have Brembo brakes - they were made in Italy BTW. The R15 is made in India. I mention these Yamaha's because they're both nice fuel injected bikes and are both light and easy to ride in traffic etc. The Kawasaki 250R is much the same size, a little heavier but a good proposition with lots of examples in your price range. Although most seem to have slip ons and other 'go fast' bits. Consider how often the bike's you like need servicing, also and whether you'll be okay with carbys verses FI.

    Speaking of costs, consider insurance as part of looking for the bike. This will obviously be expensive in Sydney for someone under 20, if you want comprehensive. A cheaper bike might be a better proposition if insurance is going to be half the cost of a bike each year. You can always play around on 'insuremyride.com.au' to figure out what you're facing.

    I learnt on a 150 cc 'super sports'. Bad thing - flat out at a hundred. Good thing.- flat out at a hundred but I could really ride hard (so to speak)- i.e. flick through the gears and get to 60 km/h in the city or have a whale of time in the hills and still not be doing silly, dangerous speeds. A great learning experience and not too much power for all those straights between twisty bits. Still get hit or come off at 60 or a 100 and you've got problems. As has been said above - training is a good idea and you should consider that as part of your costs. Also for gear (leathers, jackets, etc.) have a look at Gumtree - lots of good value to be had that will stretch you're bike dollar further.

    Good luck!
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