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First Bike - Ordered

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Geoffrius, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. I ordered my Honda VT400 last Saturday from Pro Honda - a black model.

    While I was hoping to get it by the end of this week - looks like there may be a slight delay as it sounds like Honda MPE have to ship it to the dealership which takes time. :cry:

    Curse my impatience - can't wait to take delivery and get out on the road!! :nopity: How long does it usually take to get a new bike delivered?

    Will post up some pics once I get it...which should hopefully be by end of next week I would say.


  2. Congrats man, feels awesome to own something of your own

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  3. Congrats on buying a brand spankin new bike!! Patience lol easier said then done!!
  4. Received my beast yesterday afternoon - pics below (sorry for quality - taken on a phone). Taking it out on its maiden voyage tomorrow to get a feel for it and to start the tyre scrubbing process (weather permitting!).


  5. As much as your so excited to take it out, your also going to be so scared to park it any where unattended haha. I always like quadripple check that my bike is stable and safe D: then can't stop thinking about it being alone till I'm back with it again <3
  6. ^^ absolutley, i thought i was totally paranoid, but maybe it is normal
  7. Lovely......congrats mate :D

    NB** Like the avatar too......Gold!
  8. She's a beaut mate, enjoy (y)
  9. The world can never have enough Hoonda's congrats.
  10. Thanks Guys, yep I'm definitely in love with it. :)

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  11. I like it... Glad the long wait is over for you. Have fun getting to know your new bike
  12. enjoy the new beast!