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First bike- Ninja 250r V CBR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ATAY, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Ok guys, another one of these threads. I'm looking to buy my first bike. I was initially going to get a dirtbike for some weekend fun but the reality is I just don't have the time, so now I'm looking at getting a roadbike.

    I'm 176cm, 60kg. Not the strongest cat around. Rode dirtbikes as a kid/teenager but no real experience in the last few years.

    I'm looking at:
    2011/12 Kawasaki Ninja 250r
    New/Newish Honda CBR250r

    Is there anything else I should consider?

    I'm planning on taking both for a test ride if possible.

    Looking on Bikesales, one thing I don't understand is pricing? The cheapest 2011> Ninja is $5500 with ~3000kms, but you can buy a brand spanking new one with 0 km from $6500. There are bikes on there with a couple of thousand ks asking $6500. Now I know these are just 'asking' prices and are somewhat negotiable but is there something I'm missing? I would expect once a bike has left the dealership it would lose some $$$$, or are these bikes so popular that resale is that good?

    I normally can't bring myself to buy new things (cars etc) as you just lose too much cash unnecessarily, but if I can pick up a brand new '12 Ninja for $7k with change as opposed to a used one for a couple of hundred less it seems a no brainer to just buy a new one. What am I missing?

    What are the service intervals like and the cost associated with these sorts of bikes? I'm very much a DIY'er and pretty good on the tools (have previously removed and replaced motors/gearboxes/diffs in cars etc). I have to get it serviced at a dealer to maintain the warranty much like a new car right?

    I particularly like the look of the '12 Ninja SE.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Have a look at the GS500F, DRZ400SM, GT250R, Ninja 650RL

    If it came down to those two bikes i'd get the CBR for the fuel injection, ABS, digital speedo. Though if you want to work on it yourself I suppose a carbie bike would be a bit easier.

    Maybe consider a dual sport bike like the DRZ400E which would allow you to go trail riding as well the road.
  3. My friend helped me bargain down the 2012 Ninja 250, The asking price is usually 7000 but you should be able to get it down closer to 6500.

    I picked the Ninja over the CBR250R purely from other riders reviews online. Most of us buying these kind of bikes don't have experience so I'd rather listen to those that do. I'm sure you will do your own research though, so keep an open mind and listen to those people with experience.

    Good luck searching! keep in mind there is a long wait for 2012 ninja 250's too.
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  4. I got my 2012 Ninja for $5950 ride away and I didn't haggle. What state are you guys in?
  5. QLD here, 5950 is a great price!
  6. I'm in vic. They dropped the price of ninjas a few months back.
  7. I'm from NSW and am looking to purchase a Ninja 250R 12' as well. I've been tracking bikesales as well and the prices for used bikes have not lowered since the price drop for new bikes a few months ago.
  8. get a second hand imo, if you drop it you wont care as much and u can save ur money for a real bike to upgrade to. ninjas are so popular as first bikes that theirs plenty around with low kms, and u will want to upgrade from it when your off your license. i dont think the ninja engine has changed in 20 years so its really just for looks i guess. ive only heard bad things about the new cbr250s being like a glorified scooter - way different to the old cbr250rr
  9. True however most of the people selling secondhand are not dropping their prices in accordance with the dealer price drop, making new a much better option (it's somewhat unfortunate that there are used that cost as much as new :()
  10. They are not dropping second hand because of the wait on new bikes.
  11. ninjas suck anyway lol everyone asks me if im getting a ninja for my next bike
    i think non riders think they are cool but most experienced riders i know think they are just fake little sportsbikes. all the ones i see at uni have scratched up fairings and exhausts too lol
  12. Know what kills me, for the price of a new Ninja you could get a RVF400, the best LAMS sportsbike in existence.
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  13. Knocked mine down from $5000 to $4300 in the store. Thats by telling them i dont give a toss if i buy my bike here or somewhere else, im buying today, you gonna sell it to me for $4000?
  14. People that have done a bit of research and havent just listened to the "ninjas are shit, ninjas cant keep up on freeways, ninjas fall apart" rhetoric know better. Mines scratched up too. It was second hand. Owned by two different Learners. It has not been dropped or scratched by me. It aint what you ride its how you ride. Your uni mates clearly cant ride for shit.
  15. But it would be at least 15 years old. And imported pre-used (possibly by a less-than savoury dealer). And probably pre-thrashed. And expensive to keep running. And expensive to insure. As a n00b, these are all things that you tend to worry about. If you haven't got much mechanical experience, probably even more-so.

    I don't doubt that you could have a lot of fun on an RVF400, but doing a comparison based on purchase price alone doesn't tell the full story.
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  16. it wasnt about keeping up on freeways and falling apart. its the fact that everyone ive talked who knows nothing about bikes thinks they are supersport bikes but in reality their performance can be compared to a scooter. if you had done research u would know a naked upright bike is highly recommended to learn on as it has a more rider friendly position for noobs and is easier to repair as there are no fairings. the ones i see at uni arent my mates, my vtr250 was owned by 2 people before me aswell but hasnt been dropped or had a single scratch on it. maybe thats saying something? clearly ninja riders cant ride for shit?

    good on you if your one of the ones who did research and concluded its the bike you want and like but i dont see all the fuss about them. i think a lot of people get caught up in the looks of them and dont realise its a 20 year old engine with a bunch of plastic around it. but as you said it aint what you ride its how you ride, im not having a go at you so im sorry if it sounds that way
  17. All Lams bikes are 20 year old engines basically. There is no money in LAMS bikes so they get no R + D.

    Oh and adding FI is not a new engine.

    Ok except for some motards.
  18. Sorry just choked my coffee over my computer screen.... Supersport? Where have you ever seen anyone claim a Ninjette as a supersport??? Sports bike yes, but a learners one. I was one that did a bit of research. Asked some opinions on here first, looked at the bikes that were suggested to me, CBR being first.... i lolled at the choice of 20 years old, or "New" grey import, ZZRs (20 year old ninjette), GPX's (20 year old Ninjette and ugly as hell), and thought.... why dont i get an almost new EX250???
    Ok so i saw a GSR1000 today with a ****ed up fairing... shouldnt that mean all GSR riders are shit? MelbourneMick? Are you a shit rider? Dont think so. Older riders poo poo them so no youre not gonna see "More experienced" riders on them, the vast majority of them are owned by learners. Learners sometimes drop bikes. Big Deal. Are all learners shit riders? Hell no. Do all learners drop their bikes? No. Sorry. But they dont. Lots of different bikes have scratches, but i cant see a learner completely destroying a ninjette due to riding at 300kmh into the arse end of a car, or flipping it, or ****ing up their oh so awesome wheelie attempt at 250kmh.
  19. if you read what i wrote, i was refering to people who know nothing about bikes and yes the majority of non riders i have talked to think ninjas are the same as any other sport bike. i tell them nah im getting a gsxr750 and they ask me why im not getting a ninja. they know nothing about bikes and just because ninja 250s look flash and have a cool name they think they are the best. im sure this is why many people buy them aswell and is probably the reason they dont know how to ride either. im not talking about u directly, just the people who go out and buy them purely based on thinking they are real sports bikes which they are not
  20. Maybe they mean the ninja 1000 or the zx10 for that matter.

    Most non riders I have met can't tell the diffence between a 250 and a thousand