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First Bike - New vs Used

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by SharkfanSA, May 1, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I’m new to bikes and I am looking for my first one. The biggest question I have is should I buy a new bike or a used one. I have the means to get a new bike and I have found one I love. I can see the benefits of that but EVERYONE is telling me to get a crap used bike because I am guaranteed to drop it. Yeah that may happen but should that be enough of a reason to look past a new model. Most bikes I have looked at have a 2 year warranty and it’s easier to replace damaged parts on a current model I’m sure. My expectation is that I will keep this bike for 2 – 3 years until I can afford a really nice big full license bike. If I get a used bike just to learn on I then have to sell it and get another bike in between.... what to do? Please help.

  2. Geez it's silly how so many people say you will drop you bike garunteed. Most people who say buy a cheap shitter, couldn't afford a half decent bike when they started out so will tell everyone else they should do the same.
    IMHO, I'd buy something that is a year or so old, so it's done the worst of it's depreciation but is still relatively new. bare in mind kawasaki have a 2 year warranty period, so even a 12 month old bike carries over the balance of warranty.
    These days 5-6K is not a lot of money, but will get you a pretty decent small capacity LAMS bike.
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  3. I would say to you that it is only once you start riding that you learn what you really want in a bike.

    It's not that you won't buy the perfect bike first time, but there is a better chance of finding your dream bike when you've learned a bit more through experience.

    Just my $2.
  4. Go second hand. Not crap, just don't go ape shit.

    Once you buy a bike, only THEN will you figure out what you like and want. Give it a few months. So prepare to re-sell. You'll save youself much $$$ this way.

    Plus, whilst you won't certainly drop it, there is probably a better than even chance you will.

    What you WANT is a good quality used bike. Check the tyres, breaks, service history etc to see it has been cared for. Look for major body damage. Get it looked at by a mechanic if you can. If they know the next service is coming their way, the'll likely give it a quick once over for nothing.

    For a first bike, 4-5k is plenty. The rest is gravy, which you may well not get back.
  5. great points, thanks guys! One issue I have with finding out what I really want when I gain experince is I am seriously restricted physically with the bike I can ride. I am limited to a thin cruiser feet forward only. I am looking at the Suzuki Intruder. I "think" it may be a keeper for a few years. $6700 new vs around $5000 - $5500 2nd hand with about 10k on the clock and 3 month warranty.... Down the track I can always get a nice custom Harley sporster or something.
  6. Why the restriction?

    Intruders ar good bikes, btw.
  7. My Hips are stuffed, no range of movement. 6 months of Physio did nothing. I cant pull my legs back onto the pegs on a sports bike, I can only comfortably sit on a cruiser.
  8. i wouldnt spend big money on your first bike, spend big money on your second bike.

    imo you should spend around 3- max 5k, why? because compo insurance will cost you 2k p.a and is economically not worth it unless you buy a bike that is around 10k+

    so by buying a 3.5k bike for example, you dont have to pay for compo and if you did write it off you were only around 1 years premium worse off. however if you buy a 7k bike, you still wont buy insurance and if you crash that, you will be a lot more angry as 7k is a decent wad of money.

    but yea, buy a cheap first bike, then once you have a bit of confidence, upgrade to a bike that suits your riding better and is nicer.
  9. I bought a 250 virago new. I have actually used it subsequently as my wifes first bike, and now mu sons. I never regretted spending the extra $1000, as that is all the difference was.

    Your age and driving history also matters. I have comprehensive insurance for the bike (but not the gear) for about $240 per year. But I also have 65% no claim for life etc as a 42 year old driver with no claims for 20 years.

    Oh yeah, the bike has never been dropped. Three learners and no drops. If you want to ride every corner as low and fast as possible, then go second hand. If you ride like a granny (like I do) then it isn't really an issue.
  10. if you buy 2nd hand get a mechanic to check it our first.
  11. 2nd hand. Let someone else suffer depreciation and major servicing/running in costs!
  12. 2nd hand, I bought brand new xvs650, afterwards I realised I could have saved $$$$ buying second hand and had the same or better bike.
    Even $2-3000 gets you a decent learner. There is a nice 400cc cruiser near me for $4000, 2010 model too
  13. Virago. Good all round. Little to no street cred, if that bothers you.
    Honda Rebel (might be too short, but they are really light and easy to get on/off)
    Intruder. Great all rounder. Prob pick of the bunch
    Eliminator (VN not EL). My personal favourite. Prob harder to find and ride than the others though.

    I still have no faith in the chinese, indian and other makes. For a first or learner bike, which these excell at, you need something that you can trust. Jap bikes had this over the others.

    Another positive for the cruisers is there are many options to move pegs, floor boards, etc.
  14. + 1 to buying a 2nd hand near new bike.

    If its only 12 months or 18months old, you're saving a lot of money on a new bike and carry the balance of warranty. Keep a look out and sus out the prices of a 2nd bike you're interested in.. Bargains are out there to be had.
  15. Depends how long you plan on keeping it - but as others have said though you might not know if its going to be a keeper. I bought brand new for my first bike. Didn't drop it, racked up 7500ks in 5-6mths and had a great time. Only problem with buying new was the depreciation when it came to trade-in time - about $3k for that 5-6mths.
  16. If you want to ride like a pansy and/or have all the money in the world, get a new one. If you actually want to RIDE the bike and push it to it's limits, get a second hand one.
  17. It didn't drop $3k in 5 months, it dropped all that in the 5 seconds it took you to wheel it out of the store.
  18. So what people are saying is that a brand new Ninja 250R, which is around $5,900 ride away new, drops down to as low as $3,500 trade in within the first year? ....wow
  19. My policy is to never buy brand new unless you intend to absolutely keep it for years and years. Which is why buying brand new when you'll most likely want to upgrade within 2 years (give or take) doesn't make much sense to me. At least not when there are plenty of used bikes out there that are in good conditions. Personal opinion :)

    But hey, your money, your choice. It all comes down to how much you're willing to spend for your first bike. Just read up as much as you can so you can make an informed decision.
  20. I guess the drop in value depends on what you are buying. In WA, a 250 virago is new ~$6500, less than 10000k's ~$5000. You can certainly get them with 30000k's for ~$3500. So it depends on what you are concerned about. I personally was more concerned about previous damage and wear and tear as I live 400km's from the nearest reasonable dealer. So new was the go for me.