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First bike - New or Used?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Archer, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    As I've finally talked the other half into letting have a bike (and probably her too),
    I'd like to know what your thought are on New V Used.

    As we're both in Vic, we'll have this (these) bike (s) for at least 3.3 years, So given the resale value of the XVS is so good: ~$8k for a 6 year old model V ~$11k for a new one including 5 years warranty..

    Is it more the case of 'money well spent', or 'money well saved'?

    *Gear accounted for.

    All views Welcome,


  2. I'd still go used and pocket the change for a first bike.
    With regular maintenance these have no issues so as long as the prospective ride has been looked after with moderate km on the clock it will serve you well.
    That's my 2c worth
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  3. If you buy new and keep for the the 3.3 years (or longer), the depreciation won't hurt you as much and you get the piece of mind etc... On the other hand, if you happen to find a peach for a fair price...
  4. I went the new option for my first bike, a XVS650 custom.
    I went new as I didn't want to have any issues or problems that might effect me while I was green and still on a steep learning curve. You know how you get used to things in a car, and just ignore them over time.
    I didn't want to buy someone else issues and then just work around it because I didn't know better.

    When my partner decided she wasn't going to get her license and just pillion with me I went up a few sizes to the 1100. Selling the 2012 650 paid for a 2007 1100 with comparable Km's.
    I probably lost $2k over the 15 mths or so that I had the 650, but it was OK for me.

    You probably could find a used 650 that might offer better value than buying new, but it just depends what you're comfortable with.
    Good luck.
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  5. I went new as I was new to bikes. I think bikes don't depreciate to the same extent as cars (supply and demand) and maybe some people have unreasonable expectations on what their ten year old bike is worth?
  6. Thats because people keep buying new and expect to get most of their money back ;)
    In the last 12 months I've bought a 13yr old bike and a brand new bike. The old bike is a weekend toy but the new one is expected to do over 100,000km in 5 to 6 yrs so for me it comes down to what my reliability expectations are. :wideyed:
  7. My own view - get recent year and low km used with FSH and that looks and rides great with no known issues. Pref still under warranty as well. You can save a fair bit off new. I do it for all vehicles. But also work out if you buy private used and then need to RWC and register, to add those costs back on as sometimes they creep right up to dealer drive away price (with a bit of negotiation) and in that case you may be better off with new.

    Enjoy the shopping :D
  8. In my 40+ years of riding I have never owned a new bike. I would go second hand.
  9. Being a new rider, you are bound to make mistakes, both riding and maintenance. It hurst less if you damage a used bike, than a shiny new pride and joy. the XVS is a very good reliable bike and I haven't heard any known issues. You may as well save some $ to start with. There will be time later to buy a brand new Pride and Joy once you have some experience.
  10. Just to play devils advocate, if the real difference between a 3 year old bike and new is "only" 3k and you will be keeping it for over 3 years.
    Unless you are doing it yourself by the time you take in maintenance costs such as replacing chain/sprockets/checking shims etc is the savings really 3k or is it more like 1.5k. Then lack of warrantty/ piece of mind etc is that worth $500 a year to you. .....etc etc.
    Of course all these things are variable depending on kms of 2nd hand bike. When the rego is due etc.
  11. Being a new rider i went 2nd hand. The main reason was the learning curve and the 'in case i drop it cos i'm new at this thing' way of thinking.
    Dropping / damaging a bike, new or 2nd hand, is going to hurt emotionally and your pocket whichever way you look at it.

    If $$ is the only factor on choice of a new or 2nd hand bike, I would go with whatever you feel is the better deal and which one is cheaper to repair should the need arise.
  12. What bike is this you speak of? More like 25 - 30% of original price.
  13. I remember thinking exactly the same with you when I started out.
    I bought a new one for me first bike.

    Now that i'm looking back, for me it was wasted money.
    If I could start over I would go with 2nd hand.

    Spend your money on gears. You think you will keep your first bike forever like most of us do. The reality would be you will grow of out if very quickly.
    You will look back and this day one day and thank those who said "go with 2nd hand".
  14. I went new, but don't know if I would do that again now. For me, I have never had a new car, so the novelty of being able to buy a new bike was itself fun. It was mine, and only mine. I have later bought second hand and new. I would suggest if you are keeping it for five years or 100,000 kms or more, go new. Then you know it's complete history. Otherwise, go second hand.
  15. I went new (may yet learn to regret it) but now I need to keep the bike for a min of 3 years on restrictions. This means the amount of kms I think I'll do once I commute (I do an easy 30K a year) over 3 years it'd pay me to go new. I've had new cars before and the warranty is also peace of mind.
  16. Perhaps it would be prudent of you to read the opening post before you have a dig at me......
  17. In actual fact he said 8k for a 6 year old bike and 11k for a new one. So in fact it would be half of what I even said going off his original post.
  18. I understood your contribution to be a generalist statement hence why I asked what bikes you were referring to. Nothing more nothing less.
  19. All good champ [emoji106] .
    I was just referring to the prices he spoke of.
    I'm not in the market for the bike he wants so haven't done any research to see if those numbers are correct.
    Was simply giving him a perspective of even though a bike is cheaper.
    If it's closer to the service intervals or shims needing a check. Even Rego due date the savings may not be as high as originally thought.
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