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First Bike, Need suggestions and opinions :D

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bagsy1989, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    Sorry if this has already been spoken about or is in the wrong area... pretty new here :D.

    I am getting my bike license in a month and have rode on a bike before... I really really want a new 2009 Kawasaki ninja 250r... My friend who has also been riding bikes recently got his L's and is about to buy one...

    My question i wanted to ask is, are they learner legal? i didn't see them on the list but i may be blind (my friend said that they are) and is it a good bike for someone's first? I want a bike that will last me through my learner and probational days into my black license as i won't be riding it all the time because my girlfriend has a car.

    I really like how they look and the reviews i have read about them are pretty good as well.

    So tell me what you guys think and if you have some other suggestions then that would be great also.

    Thank you :grin:

  2. Yes, they are learner legal, and a great little bike.

    Why buy a new first bike?,

    In many ways it is better to get a cheaper secondhand bike as your first, you're more likely to drop your first bike (lack of experience) and you're not likely to keep it when you are able to upgrade (why wear the depreciation of a dropped 12month old bike? :) )

    Spend the change on good gear.
  3. This is probably a very good idea and its just me seeing eye candy and thinking WANT...

    What sort of bike would you recommend as a first second hand bike?
  4. Yeah as DTwo said, not worth buying a new bike for the above reasons...

    As for recommendations, depends on your budget and type of bikes. If you like the sports bike then go for CBR250RR or ZXR250... Otherwise ZZR 250 would be cheap and great fun for a learner...
  5. Im looking into those bikes now and definitely liking the look of the bike and some of the reviews... Im looking at bikepoint for prices and they are all pretty close to a brand new ninja... should i go see an actual dealer and ask some solid questions?
  6. Yeah the cbr250rr and zxr250 are over priced and is close to the 250r... but in comparison, the cbr250rr and zxr250 are a lot quicker than the 250r...

    I went for the ZZR250 because it's cheaper. I don't plan on keeping this bike forever. as soon as I'm off my restrictions, then I'll spend more on the next bike...

    So unless you really want to spend that much on 1st bike, my advice is to just get something easy and cheap to learn on... then you'll have more money left over for your next bike cos you will get sick on the 250 eventually...
  7. A naked bike would be a pragmatic choice (no fairing to damage),

    Suzuki Bandit GSF250, Honda VTR250, Honda Hornet 250 and more

    Also don't be sucked into the whole this 250 is faster than that 250 game, As a very broad rule most water cooled, multi cylinder, 4v 250s, are similar in outright performance......some are _much_ "sportier" than others but in real terms they are pretty close.

    Additionally, there are tonnes of other lams bikes you can get beyond 250s, in a straight line I wouldn't think there are any 4 stroke 250s that would see which way a cbf400 or rvf400 went, Or you could go the "motard" like route and look at a second hand drz400sm or the like, which are a barrel of fun.

    Lots of options,

    The ninja is actually a pretty aggressive looking design with a reasonably conservative/old engine, it's certainly not as high strung as a 4cyl 250.
  8. Yeah i'm not going on anything fast or getting into the 'which 250 is faster' fame. I just want something that looks good and i will love to ride... I promised my girlfriend i wouldn't speed or do silly things just because the bike can because at the end of the day i want to come home to her in one piece for a kiss and a hug :D...

    So i'm just looking for a bike that will be good to learn on and last me some time until im comfortable in getting a bigger one (GSXR or something like that) I want it to be reliable so thats why i was leaning towards a brand new bike... but thats why i'm here to find out from people who have been there before to give me advice that maybe they wished they had before they got there first bike.
  9. i was in the same boat as you on the weekend... went and checked out the ninja but me and my friend being about 6'1" found it a little too small... we ended up buying two hyosungs 250R's....


    now gotta go get me L's next month lol
  10. Buy something secondhand and dirt cheap. Not a hell of a lot around like that which doesn't need a tad of work, but if you're willing to do that it'll give you more choice. Keep in mind the large list of LAMS approved bikes out there when looking around. Probably wouldn't help to print the list out, or keep it open in a window if looking online.

    If you plan to keep the learner bike for around town or whatever after you get a full licence, why not get a new one? Warranty and the knowledge that you've looked after it from day one are two things that are nice to have.

    Cheers - boingk
  11. just get one :grin:

    i just got one the other day hopefully pick it up sooon i hope :p

    i too wanted something that looked pretty snazzy but still easy to learn on.. but all the 10 year old cb's and old ninjas were 5-6k so i didnt see the point.. and spent the extra 1k on the 2009 ninja :twisted: plus i didnt really have much of a clue of what to look for in older bikes and didnt wanna choose a lemon
  12. That's the spirit! :grin:

    Someone has to wear the depreciation for the new learners :LOL:
  13. You didn't see it on the list because it is LAMS approved.

    Check out http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/motorcycleridertrainingscheme/motorcyclesnoviceriders.html

    Motorcycles up to 260cc are approved with the exception of the ones listed.

    As for the whole naked vs faired for a first bike thing it's really a case of the risk your willing to take that it will cost more in the event of dropping the bike vs how much you want the faired bike.

    My friend got an FZR250 for his first bike despite warnings that most people drop their first bike and on the weekend he dropped it at low speed in a gravel car park. He's understandably upset about it but i think despite having to replace the right side and front fairings he would still choose the same bike again if he had the chance because it's what he wants. He's paying to have what he will enjoy the most and to him it's worth it. Then there's plenty of others that can't afford the extra cost or change their mind after a crash and decide to convert their sport bike to a street fighter rather than replace broken fairings.

    So way up for yourself whether or not the risk is worth it. Assume that you will drop it and think about whether the cost of the repairs is worth the extra joy that riding that style of bike will bring you personally. No one else can tell you how much riding any particular bike will mean to you.
  14. Check out the link in my sig for a little database about alot of learner legal bikes.
  15. Is that link maintained by you?

    There are a few inaccurate entries in there.......the Hyosung gt250 sure feels a hell of alot heavier than 122.4kg dry :)
  16. HeHe.. i was also looking at the Hyosung... I have been reading through all this advice and im starting to lean towards a second hand bike.. especially if i love them and then find that i want to upgrade when i get my black license.

    sblack... i agree with what you see about what i have to think about... and if i did buy a new bike and then dropped it id be devestated and that may make my riding experience not as good as i wish for.. so getting a second hand bike is what i will probably do...

    I really want a Honda CBR250RR and have been looking everywhere... Im gonna head into Broadmeadow and look at some of the dealers to see if i can get a deal, i won't pay over 5k for one though because they just seem too expensive compared to a new bike for the extra 1k...

    Thankyou everyone for the extreme amount of help in my decision. All that is required of me now is my license (Next month) and a great learner bike. i will most probably buy it in newcastle and leave it at my girlfriends place until i am comfortable with driving on the freeway to get home, So i would love to catch up with any local riders for a bit of a lesson and hopefully a fun ride :D :D.