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First Bike Monster 620{ Moved from general discussion to appropriate forum}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RigaRider, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a complete newbie to bikes and I am currently planning to get my first bike which is Ducati Monster 620.

    I have the following question in relation to LAMS list and the bike I am getting.. RTA history check for the bike just says "2004 DUCATI M4 MOTOR CYCLE" and in LAMS list M4 Model is listed as a LAMS approved.

    Does it mean its LAMS approved or not.. would it say LAMS or Lite if it was?

    I am doing my Pre-learners course on Monday and can't wait to get my first bike :)
  2. Re: First Bike Monster 620

    Check the rego sticker on the bike you're looking at, if it's learner approved it will say LAM on the sticker. This is what the cops will be looking for when you get pulled over.

    I thought the learner legal monster was the 400cc jap market version, but this is only based on a conversation I had with a guy riding one on the old road so all heresay. It's the LAM bit on the papers that matters.

  3. Re: First Bike Monster 620

    Yep the M620 is a LAMS model and should be an ideal first bike. Good luck, pay attention at the training, and try not to fall off in the rain.
  4. Re: First Bike Monster 620

    That'll be a sweet bike to learn on. GL with your training.
  5. I ride a 620, first bike aswell.

    It's brilliant, I love it! Great to learn on, but beware, all other bikes will feel horrible.

    As previously mentioned, the LAMS printed on the Reg sticker is the important part, mine didn't have it originally and I had to get Vic roads to change it, wasn't difficult though, just had to tell them it was the lite version and they printed me a new sticker on the spot.

    Good luck with the course, and your purchase, you will love your new monster.

  6. Re: First Bike Monster 620

    Dude, you could be riding a 4600cc monster bike and if it had lams on the label you'd be sweet.

    And if it doesn't have lams on the label... it's up to you to risk it.

    Having said that, when i did my p's test a fellow had an 80's nighthawk 400, grey import. When the instructor inspected it, he saw it didn't have lams. He was cool and thought that it should be lams, so let it slide.

    Good on you for getting a bike!

    Here is a guy riding a bike for you to get inspiration from:

  7. Thanks for information.

    If it is not restricted I will get it restricted, do compliance and register with RTA as LAMS.
  8. I have finished my pre-learner course today and getting my bike delivered on Sunday..

    Now lots of practice ahead around my neighbourhood before I get on the road with traffic.
  9. In Victoria this is not possible, not 100% sure about elsewhere though. It must have been built with the restrictor to be a LAMs approved bike. Even if you have the original Ducati part installed by Ducati it is still just a non LAMS bike that has been restricted, which no matter which way you spin it, still means it's not LAMS approved.

    Mine is the LAMS model which is how I could get my registration updated. It's simple to check, there is a small metal plate attached to the throttle mechanism which stops the throttle from opening all the way. I can get a picture of mine if you like, which has been 'accidentally' bent at some point ;) This doesn't mean my bike is not LAMS approved, it is a LAMS bike which has been modified.

    Anyway, great choice of bike, you'll love it.
  10. I had a Monster 600 for my first bike, they're just beautiful machines, and perfect for learning on in my opinion. The fact that they're at the limit of the LAMs power/weight ratio means you've got enough go to comfortably cruise and overtake on the freeway, and I always felt a lot safer for that.
  11. Got my bike restricted while I was in Sydney and got Vicroads rego as LAM bike in Melbourne.