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First bike - Kawa Eliminator vs Suzuki M50

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by GunSlingerAU, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Thanks to your great advice, I've narrowed my search of bike down to two. My Vespa has been sold, and now I'm ready to buy. Here's why I can't decide between the M50 (800cc) and the Eliminator (250cc)

    - Weight of bikes. I'm only 67kg, fairly short (5'7"), and have only used a 110kg Vespa over the last 2 years. Stepping up to a 230kg M50 seems daunting, while the Eliminator is a nice midway point at around 160kg.
    - Engine size. While I'm by no means a speed demon, I want enough grunt to comfortably sit on 110KM/h on the freeway with my girlie on the back. Combined weight of us both is about 130kg, so we're not exactly lard-asses. I don't want to have an incredibly fast bike, but will the 250cc cut it?
    - Main use = commuting to the city each day through city traffic. I'll be using the bike from Monday to Friday as a commuter, and every other weekend for nice Sunday rides. Therefore I think the lower weight of the Eliminator could be better.
    - Price. My budget is $7k or so. I can get a nice almost new Eliminator for that price, but the M50 is around $9k.
    - Looks. They're both gorgeous, so I'm not sure which way to go.

    Basically it comes down to how capable I'll be to take on the added bulk of the M50. I'm worried that being a little fella with no real bike experience -let's face it, Vespas don't count ;) - I'll be biting off more than I can chew with the M50. Love to hear your advice - I also don't want to buy a 250 then realise a week later that it's too weak for my needs.
  2. You're not bench pressing them, you'll get used to the M50 in a few days (if not hours).

    The 250 only if you're buying it for economy and don't want to leave the City.
  3. twofiddys are cheap to run!
  4. Test ride both. I reckon you'll come away with the 800cc.

    250's are fine until you know better!
  5. Had a M50 for a year, before upgrading to a M109.
    I use my bike for ALL transport, and I am approaching 50 yrs old, with shot knees/hips from prev accidents, the weight is ok in traffic, cos the bike is well balanced, and easy to filter/split at low speeds.

    The M50 will last you for a lot longer than a 250.
    It will be easier in inclement conditions, wont need as much maintenance, will let you ride 2 up, and wont get blown over in the wind.

    Cant beat EFI, shaft drive, liquid cooled for daily use.
    Is also more suitable if you want to have a longer blast for a week or two, rather than wringing out a 250
  6. Go with the M50. You won't regret it. On the C50 I am flat footed on the road & weight is not an issue. Similar to you in size.
  7. My current ride is the Eliminator.... great bike and enjoy riding it..... until I have to get to higher speeds ! Even limited to 80kph at the moment I am still looking for higher gear (when I am already in 6th !). For riding just round the local area and commuting to work I reckon its just the bike.... but I dont see myself doing many longer rides on it.

    While I dont regret buying the bike.... I think I will be looking to upgrade alot sooner than I was expecting. This is my first bike and first time riding ever and I figured that a 250 would be fine for me for a few years.

    If you like the feel of and can handle the larger bike on a test ride I say go for that ;)

    CJ :)