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First Bike Joy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by JuzzyDee, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. So, I picked up my new bike yesterday, same day as getting my licence, and rode it home to Rocky today.

    Here she is, fresh from her maiden voyage. I'm sure not a lot of bikes get to see 700+ clicks in their first day of ownership. What an adventure!


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  2. JuzzyDee,
    Congratulations on your awesome-looking bike ! And what a way to remember her first day...Great stuff !
    Enjoy her and ride safe
    PS - The colour is pure awesomeness...
  3. Sweeeeeeeeet!!! She's no maiden anymore, congrats!
  4. Big congrats! :)
  5. Thanks very much :) I took the pillion pad off today. I think it looks a touch better without. I had to do it anyway. I went for the single seater rego for the 12 months I can't carry a pillion. I can't believe that after 3 days of ownership I'm due for a first service already. I'm gonna be looking at weekly servicing at this rate :-O

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  6. Nothing like jumping in the deep end..700kms is serious numb bum riding. Enjoy your rides ;-)
  7. Noice! Grats on that mate! That would have been the best maiden ride!
  8. Wow, its pretty..
    Im definitly thinking about a cruiser for my next bike, what is it by the way?
    My black 09 vtr 250 is in the shop now getting his first service :), my maiden voyage was a paltry 100 km :D
  9. My 4 yo son said "that's a cool Harley,dad!" when he saw your ride.

    Congrats, stay safe and enjoy.
  10. Well done.
    Out of showroom, straight home and due for it's first new bike service....... well just about!
  11. Just re-read your original post. 700km on your first ride is huuuge!! Specially on a new unit. Hope you varied the speeds and loads on the motor.
  12. She's the Yammy Vstar 650. The classic seems to be somewhat more popular than the custom, but I liked the look of the custom personally.

    She certainly got varied riding on the way back up. The majority was done on the highway, but I followed manufacturers instructions and kept it under a quarter throttle. There were enough towns, roadworks and scenic detours along the way that she got to see a bit of everything.
  13. attaboy, buy 'em to ride 'em :LOL:
  14. well done on first ride! that's wicked :D

    hot bike, dudeman! :D