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First bike is in the garage!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dustfp, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. A limited budget had me a bit depressed, but a jewel shined through the dirt!
    The price was right for this lovely Zeal, it tested well, and it's red so a little bit faster than the rest!


    Paid a cool $1650, so have a bit of change for some extra gear \\:D/
  2. good bike the zeal,
    enjoy it, savor every ride
  3. One of my mates just bought one of these, nice little bike to ride.
  4. hot 250

    good job
  5. Definitely a fun little bike, and that's a very good price you got it for.
    Have fun :)
  6. cant see a garage just a car port in the back ground
  7. $1650? That's a great deal, have fun
  8. Nearly bought one of those before I got the GPX, how many K's?
  9. well done n congrats on your first bike, in go fast red too!!
  10. That's a nice looking bike, good price too.
  11. Great looking bike at an excellent price enjoy (y)
  12. Ive Never ridden one , But you did excellent. you could have paid more for a Hyosung and been ridiculed here.
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  13. Very nice! Enjoy :)
  14. Congrats (y)
  15. I've always like the Zeal - ever since I saw Antoman's...............

    Always looked great going down the road....very capable little i4 motor.....great choice (y)
  16. Congrats Dustfp!!! good feeling isnt it :)
  17. Awesome price for a decent bike there. Congrats and enjoy it, it has much to teach you.
  18. 60,000~
    Had a mate who knows his stuff look over it and test it out for me.
    Rode it for the first time today without fault, a fair distance as well considering it was my first ride (40KM round trip). Was an amazing feeling :dance: