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First bike inspection

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by littleal, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hi All,
    i inspected my firat bike this arvo,a 94 el eliminator 250,48000 k's on the clock.

    oil weeping from underneath the heads,not to bad but being very picky,where the rear axle bolts onto the rear swing arm,there is a oil,grease?leak (looks like a leaking wheel bearing) I do not know if my guess is right or wrong.
    In General the bike has not been cleaned often at all.
    by my first inspection ,a good bath & degrease would tell me more!
    All in all the bike appears geniune( not trying to hide anything).
    The bike does not have to a showcase for me as it is only going to a work hack>
    As far as i can see a bit of TLC & EBLOW GREASE IT WOULD COME OU A TREAT.
    Any Advice would be welcome .
    Thanks in advance
    Little Al (40 year old virgin)
    :? :? :? :? :? :?
  2. which side is the oil/grease on the swing arm on? could be just chain lube, as it has a tendancy to flick all over the place, he/she may have left it dirt on purpose, as if they washed it you wouldn't see the leaks, very honest if you ask me, personally i would start it up listen for any noises you think shouldn't be there, take it for a ride if you can, make sure everything operates smoothly, and if in doubt and you don't have a mechanical friend, look for a bike of similar age and k's and do the exact same checks
  3. I reckon what you're seeing is pretty typical of a well used 250.

    Many 250's end up as heaps because they pass through so many novice owners, who don't service them adequately and/or own them for little time that they don't bother with major servicing jobs (i.e. valve adjustment).

    It sounds as though you're going over the bike closely; what you've found wouldn't really be any concerns if I were looking at it for myself. Also check all bearings (wheel, head stem, etc for any binding) and consumables (tyres, brake pads, etc), rego, and price the bike accordingly.

    These bikes can't really be ridden hard or in anger, you should expect to get some more decent miles out of it. Engine longevity will probably be directly proportional to how frequently the oil/filter is changed from this point on in its life.