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First bike in australia 250 cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by costa, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I am thinking of buying a 250 cc sport bike or naked and here in australia has several brands wanted to know what the best of these categories.

    I liked for Hyosuoung and Kawasaki this market is good?

    Market value

    Thank you so much
  2. Hyosung and durability are two words never put together.
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  3. Oh really?

    What's mark is good? Honda,Kawasaki,Menegelli and others?
  4. Pretty much anything Honda or Kawasaki will serve you well. I've had a Honda VTR250 for coming upto 6 years, its been abused, left out in the weather, had services skipped and it keeps on going and going.
  5. Wife has a Ninja 300 (Kawasaki) and its a beaut little bike, easy to ride and more power than most 250cc - nice torque throughout the range.

    Depends on what you want to do with the bike as well Costa - is this just for commuting, or weekend rides, or track days as well? This would narrow down choices somewhat as well...
  6. OK,

    They are best mark Honda,Kawasaki and Yamaha maintenance this bikes is cheap in australia?
  7. Mate, where are you located? Nothing is cheap in Australia! :confused:
  8. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha area all good and generally reliable. Exact maintenance costs will depend on the which model you choose, but in the 250cc road bike class they are all pretty good. As far as I know there are no "bad" bikes in that range from any of those manufacturers currently on the market, just different models to suit different types of riding.
  9. My priority is commuting but i ride for short travel, example 500 kilometers
  10. Check Bikesales and filter your search using cc, your price range and location - this should give you a good idea of what is available. Then go test ride all that interest you, see which one suits you best. If you're wanting to do 500km trips on a small cc bike make sure its got a comfy seat!
  11. Dark Angel

    Is great notice.Thank you man.


    You got than right man Matte but have bad options . I don't have possibility choice wrong.
  12. OK Matte thank you for this informations.

    How much the anual tax for 250 cc motorcycle ? State:Queensland

    I living in Gold Coast don't have sure but i think motorcycle is more expensive from Brisbane.Its true?

    If I buy the bike and move the state will have problems?
  13. If you want a new bike but are light on funds I hear good things about the Suzuki Inazuma.
    The Kawasaki Ninja range are always a good thing and older models are good value. There are still GPX250s running around after decades of service in decent condition.
    Honda CB bikes are pretty much un-killable, but then most Hondas are like that. Here's some models to look through: http://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Learner_Approved_Motorcycles
    Yamaha have options as well, though I'm only familiar with the Virago. If you're not physically large and like the style it's a great little bike and won't let you down.

    The 250cc class isn't very good for folk of a larger size, not for long highway rides at least, but if you're not too tall or heavy they can get along just fine.
  14. Don't know about QLD - my rego here in Victoria is $635 for a 750cc bike. Check the QLD government website or just google "motorbike registration qld". You can move states in Australia, no problem, you just have to re-register vehicles at some point - if you do so before your existing rego is up you apply for a refund on a pro-rata basis. I guess many people just change over when the current rego expires anyway. Not sure if you have to get a RWC for new state rego, maybe somebody else here knows...
  15. DarkAngel

    No problem I'm short and not heavy.


    What's the first after I buy a motorcycle? I going governament register motorcycle in my name?
  16. Costa I'd read this - http://www.qld.gov.au/transport/registration/register/vehicle/ it'll give you all the info you need. If you buy from a dealer they pretty much do all the paperwork plus it comes with RWC - so easiest but generally a bit more expensive. If you buy private then you've got to arrange more on your own, but its (generally) cheaper.
  17. Thank you all for your help.
  18. I have a 35 year old Honda 250. And I do long trip on it. But there are draw backs on the open roads if there are strong winds. My 250 has been flat out into a strong head wind on the open road. I am happy to be doing 100km/hr on the open road, but for some people, they will find that is too slow.

    The later 250's will do a bit better on the open road and all are great in built up area's. If I was buying a 250, I would be happy with:
    Kawasaki Ninja, GPX 250.
    Honda CBR 250
    Suzuki TU 250
    Yamaha Virago 250

    They are all durable and fun bikes to ride and are cheap to buy. Have fun with your search for your bike.
  19. Thank you man.

    I have one more question Anti-Theft is necessary? What's the best of Anti-Theft in Australia?
  20. I don't worry about Anti-Theft with my bikes. But if I was trying to make it harder for someone to steal my bike. I would have a chain and lock.