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First bike Hyosung?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FreedomLost, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, been looking into getting my first bike and my searching has so far lead me to be intrigued by the Hyosung GT's. Was wondering what everyone thought of these bikes, especially for a first bike. Reviews and other articles/forum posts that I have seen have been mixed or simply outdated.The style and price is what attracted me to the Hyosung. Pro and cons would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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  3. Your first post is supposed to be in the welcome / new member section
  4. yep...otherwise you get yelled at
  5. @OP, as no one else has chimed in with an opinion, I'll summarize mine.

    Hyo's are cheap for a reason anything over a couple of years old is likely to be a money pit. They look like other bikes but are made from weaker, cheaper materials.
    A stationery drop on a Jap bike may result in a bent clutch of brake lever, with a Hyo you'll be looking at new bars, levers etc.

    I know a couple of chaps who've bought more recent models and they report that the quality is greatly improved but still not up there with the Jap stuff.

    At the end of the day you pay your money and make your choice. FWIW I would buy an older Jap bike for the price of a newer Hyo as the resale will be stronger and the underlying machine will be of better quality year on year.
  6. Get the Hyo,quality product for sure.
  7. Have owned a 08 GT250 Hyosung for a year and a half, can only really compare it to the Ninja 250 in terms of long distance rides I have undertaken. Dropped it at 60km/h, nothing bent, everything snapped, but cheap to replace. Nothing expensive broke. Ninja is a good, small, light bike, but as a guy of average height, felt that I was perched on a Ninja, but the bigger Hyosung felt more comfortable. Brakes crap (single front disc on mine!!), standard tyres crap.

    Positives? Got me started on bikes for under $3K. Should resale for near enough same. (Although not now I have mentioned I have dropped it...). V twin sounds better, even if only a 250. Gets mistaken for bigger bikes (bigger size, fatter tyres), something a Ninja will never be.

    First bike is never your last. Whatever you get for your first bike, you will privately wish you got something else, but defend your choice to the death. Then you will sell it and get the bike you really want!
  8. I was speaking to a guy down at the local who had one said it was mistake to buy it, in and out of the shop for warranty claims has even had a new motor fitted and said its not much better than the one it replaced. He is fully expecting to lose a bucket in on resale.