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First Bike Honda VTR250 2010

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Husslez, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys so i registered here yesterday and was asking help as to buying a new bike, as i have no experience whatsoever.

    I put a poll up for the 250rr or cb400, i had all the votes on the cb400. I had a bloke post why not look at the vtr250 so i did just that in within a couple hours of viewing and reading stories bout the bike i decided to go ahead and look these bikes.

    I went on Gumtree and found one not too far from where i live asking 5200, as i could not find any other bikes that was a EFI model to compare with bar 1. So i thought to myself why not go and check this bike out. So i contacted the seller and arranged to see the bike, i took a fellow mate off mine who owns a Gsxr1000. So we looked at the bike it was an import i was not not fussed about that no logbooks or whatever they call them, but ol m8 had a test ride did checks and said to me the bike is in good condition.

    The bike has done 5903 ks or thereabouts and has rego till November, i finally negotiated a price which i will share $4550 he wanted a lil more but we came to an agreement. So i think im happy with the purchase.

    I wanted to ask for some pointers about the bike anyone know when next service is due my mate told me at 6k a minor??

    Also only when rear brake light is engaged does the light come on, im a noob so is this correct as when you engage the front brake alone it does not light up??

    Bike is bone stock i will be looking at getting a exhaust modification any suggestions also?

    And yeah guys i will post a picture when i can. Any feedback or anything you guys want to say please let me know as i am new to this thing.

    Thank you gents and ladies.

    H :D
  2. The brake light should come on when you pull the front brake.
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  3. Until we saw the advent of bigger LAMS bikes recently, VTRs were the naked 250 of choice. There were other bikes but these were about the most popular naked learner 250. They are a great little bike. The CB400 is a better nike but comes with a significantly higher price tag

    No idea what the going price for them is but if you go to bikesales.com.au it has a Red Book valuation link so you can check the going prices along with a listing of bikes for sale if you haven't already looked.

    The tail light should be on all the time and the brake light should come on when either or both the front and rear brakes are engaged. If it doesn't come on for front brake you probably have either a faulty or badly adjusted front brake switch. This should be a road worthy item so should be fixed before sale. I would point it out and advise you'd expect it to be roadworthy and therefore fixed.

    Does the bike come with an owner's manual? It should but you may also find the online. That should tell you when and what servicing is due. Minor servicing is probably little more than a check over and oil change and possibly oil filter change. Should probably cost a couple of hundred dollars but can obviously go higher if they find other stuff that needs doing/replacing (e.g. Brake pads). A major service will cost more and if it is due for a service where they check something extra (e.g. Valve shim So) it could be more again.

    You can save money by ding minor servicing yourself and not spending money on unnecessary shit like changing the pipe (it probably won't do much other than be a potential tuning issue). If you want to spend money, put it into things that will make a difference like training, suspension or a CB400.
  4. I downloaded the online manual.

    That's weird as the brake light turns on when rear brake is on. Do you guys reckon its an easy fix i can do myself.

    The tail light is always on. But i don't know why when front is engaged it doesn't dim higher. I hope it's an easy fix. I just want to go bow to my mates house and grab it but he advised me ride a bit in the day at the start. So we left it at his for the night.
  5. I wish you much joy of your new bike.

    Yes, the brake light should come on when the front brake is applied.

    FWIW, when I buy a second hand bike, I reckon it's a good idea to get it serviced and checked out by a good mechanic, even if it's only making sure there is fresh oil in the engine, because you can't really tell if the bike has been laying about, unused, for a while.

    A five year old bike with just under 6 thousand Kms. hasn't been used a lot, it might be worth your while to get fresh brake fluid, too.
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  6. Its probably the microswitch at the front brake lever thats faulty. You should be able to locate this switch as it will be the only thing with electrical wires running to it on the front brake lever area
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  7. Thanks crazycam and darrenwilliam79.

    Im not to good with mechanics of a bike. So im going to book my local Honda dealer which is Bikebiz in Granville to have a look and service the bike. Earliest i could find was Tuesday.

    It should be fine till than im guessing or am i wrong. Yeah i like getting a service on everything i buy straightaway just to be on the safe side.
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  8. Either not working or if there is an adjustment on it, it could be poorly adjusted. Either way it is a roadworthy issue, It shouldn't pass if you can use brakes and not get the light on. You haven't listed your location but I assume in all states you need to get a certificate of some sort that the bike is roadworthy to enable transfer of ownership.

    You could try ringing your local Honda dealer to find out what a front brake light switch costs to give some sort of ball park figure of what you would be up for. Switch shouldn't be too far buried under stuff so shouldn't cost too much to fit it.

    If you are lucky the switch could simply be frozen from lack of use and you may be able to free it up.

    But again since it is a roadworthy issue, I would make it clear to the seller you expect it fixed or if mot a discount for at least the cost of a new switch..
  9. Congrats on new bike. As for brake switch, could be the switch sticking. It can't be ridden with no brake light working, not only is it a defect, but it is dangerous to ride. A car is likely to smash right up your rear end. Don't ride it till you sort it out.
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  10. Yeah i just dropped it off at my mechanic.

    He is going to go over the whole bike for me, he said the same thing most likely switch is clooged or something.

    6k service i told him check and change anything as i like everything to be perfect. I had a mate follow me in my car to drop it off. Ahh the feeling of being free on the road.
    Im doing around 50kmph and it feels like so much more.

    I hope to enjoy my riding experience
  11. Impressive Avatar. Now I have a sore neck and am dizzy, but am laughing to myself. o_O
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  12. Hahah i was waiting for someone to say something about my avatar :p
  13. HusslezHusslez, welcome and awesome choice of bike! It's good you are getting a major service done and I did the same with mine when I got it. Easy to ride, easy to look after. I have a friend with the EFI model and she loves it. Mine is carby model. Happy riding! Oh and yes, your avatar is very clever :happy:
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  14. I will let you guys know the outcome tomorrow.

    Im going MCA to get the parts for the service and dropping them off to my mechanic as i opted to buy the parts and just get charged by him for his labour.

    And will see the outcome of the front light issue. Fingers crossed.

    Hahah thank you goldenberri
  15. Hey guys just wanted to update yous. I serviced the bike and my mate fixed the switch issue. Im not sure what it was but im happy it's fixed.

    Also been riding a fair bit today and mate these car drivers love coming all the way up my ass. I have had to tell a few to look at my l plates and give me some distance.

    I have stalled a couple times. And just have had my head done in by family as they don't want me to have a bike. Old school parents m8.