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First bike - Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by PK13, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Picked up my first ever bike a week and a half ago. Love it!


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  2. love the colour on those ones :)
  3. CB400 was my 2nd bike, as you get better and better it'll give you more and more. Such a fun bike. Going to be sad to see it go when I sell it in the next couple of weeks but a Street Triple is just too tempting!
  4. very nice... have fun with it!
  5. hey thats funny, i had one of those too exactly like it, and sold it a couple of months ago and i live in randwick and the buyer was in randwick!! but mine had a staintune pipe on it so i dont think thats it.. pretty close though!!
  6. Is that the 08 or 09 model? Great bike.
  7. That's spooky - I bought mine from a guy in Randwick, but he's had it since last year! Happy riding!
  8. Thanks minglis! It's an 09 model.
  9. It's really grown on me. I was thinking about a black one, but this turned up, and seeing it up close I was hooked. Now I'm glad I got this colour.
  10. It is great fun! It hasn't even been 2 weeks for me, and I can see how much more the bike has in store. How long have you had yours for?
  11. Thanks TARFUN! I already do, and there is so much more I look forward to!
  12. I've been riding mine now for 9 months or so. I really does have much more power than you first realise. As you start to grow in your riding and start to open it up more and rev it out more in each gear, you start to understand that it has much more than first thought. It will do you for a while that's for sure. I did notice my fuel consumption isn't as good any more, but, I ride much more aggressively now than I used to, so, that's to be expected. (I'm not talking about speeding everywhere, just that I change gears later, and accelerate harder etc...)

    Have fun. Stay upright.
  13. Cheers to that minglis!
  14. All I can think of now is Top Gear......BORN is the USA

    It is very pretty though
  15. Classic episode.
  16. Since March. I was originally going to go straight for a Street Triple, but I got my license overseas and had it less than 3 years so I was forced onto my Ps. CB400 was one of the few good options. It genuinely surprised me in how fun it can be, I thought it would be a bit of a chore waiting to get my full license, but no way was it.