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First bike help, newer bike or older and fix it up?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kronos G, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. First bike help, worth fixing an older bike?

    Hey guys,
    Would much appreciate some input on the first bike to ride. My aim for the first bike is to get something that is easy enough to learn, and not difficult to maintain. I don't need it for commuting to work, just for leisure.
    I've been looking at 2nd hand bikes for about a week (GS500f and 250 ninjas). And I've up with a dilemma and I'm losing sleep over it even (probably because I really want to ride and still haven't been able to! 8-[ ).
    I've been looking at a GS500F clocked at 20,000km. Since I knew next to nothing about how good a bike is so I took a mechanic with me. Even though I thought it was in pretty decent shape he found that it has a little bit of corrosion, a bit of leak on the fork, the left handle bar needs replacing, the front break lever needs replacing, and the chain/sprockets were a bit loose so they will need to be replaced. .. the seller is asking for 4700 but the mechanic reckons it'll cost at least 500 to fix all those problems.
    In you opinion is the bike worth it?

  2. Don't buy from a dealership. If you do, and you find something a little bit wrong with it, you'll probably come on here and tarnish their reputation, prior to taking it up with the dealership.
  3. Go easy Lowercase. You've already stated your opinion in the other thread. No need to go on about it.

    What year is the bike Kronos?
  4. Thanks djay, it's 2006.
  5. Hard to tell without having seen the bike but I'm guessing:
    *Corrosion - you don't say whether that's on the steel or the aluminium but either way shouldn't be a big issue on an '07 bike
    *Handlebar needs replacing - means the bar end is a little scuffed, in which case you could just leave it as is though replacements aren't that pricey
    *Front brake lever needs replacing - as above, if it's just the end that's scuffed there's no need to worry about it, though new levers are cheap.
    *Front fork leak - new seals are less than 20 bucks and not that difficult to do yourself, but does seem odd they would fail after just 20k/4 years.
    *Chain and sprockets - are consumables, and 20k is about right for a replacement. Again not hard to do yourself.

    Doesn't seem too bad a deal for the price. Without a mechanic probably only be about $200 to fix up. Either way it's still a big saving on buying new and 20k is not a lot of kms for a GS engine.
  6. Hey Jd, great input! Your perspective is great help :)
    *sorry jd, just realised it's a 06 model.
  7. The new cbr250r is being released this month and at a reasonable price, some secondhand ninjas are asking for more than the cost of the new cbr250r, then again it may drop the price of the other 250s (ninjas/cbr250rrs etc), so maybe wait till april for better deals? just a thought. I've ridden a ninja 250 and enjoyed the ride, currently riding an old cbr250rr. Ninja felt better IMO, but the cbr250rr i don't mind either.
  8. Hey guys thanks so much for all of your time and help for all your inputs!

    I've just looked at the new CBR250s and put a deposit on them black ones! :D