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First bike has been bought!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ShoveLhead, May 9, 2005.

  1. G'day guys and gals, picking up my new bike tommorrow, its a 97 Honda V T 600 Shadow cruiser. After sitting on alot of bikes and rolling them around the dealer, the 600 was my style and the right weight and size. The 250s were all too small and cramped for me while the 650 full size yamaharley dragstar felt too heavy for starting out. Anyways thats about all i got to say!

    I know I should have waited till I got my L's first but if I found the bike I am happy with who cares really heh..plus my old man has been riding for ages so he test rode it and is riding home (damn it)... L's in a little over a weeks time! 8)

  2. Sweet!!! No one cares!!!! Hahahanh

    Anyways, wish me luck in this weeks L's !!!
  3. hey good luck with the Ls dude!!!

    sorry I missed the last post, but sounds like you made the right decision, other wise you would have had at least 20 people telling you you are wrong and why.

    let us know how you went.
  4. Congratulations on your new ride.

    Fear not about your L's common sense and confidence will see you get through with no hassles.

    Just do YOUR best, don't be intimidated by other riders.

    Good Luck.
  5. Good luck mate :).

    Just curious, is the bike LAMS legal? You're a lucky bugger if it is, we're still stuck with the archaic 260cc limit for learners.

    Include a link to a pic, I bet a few people would like a look.
  6. are you going to do your learners on that bike or the one they supply you with?
  7. It most certainly is :D . Yeah the LAMS thing has it's ups and downs. I think overall it is a best for everyone compromise (power-weight ratio, so no 250cc Strockers, but bigger bikes available)



  8. Yeah I will be using the mighty CB250 for the Learners and Provisional courses. And as for the 650cc limit that was sort of a relief to me since I didn't like the 250 cruisers that much.

    I've noticed that that Hyosung 650 sportsbike is learner legal? Its got like 79hp or something in a relatively light frame? Whats goin on there heh...

    Pic will be here soon

  9. Congrats on the bike, good pick up and good luck with the L's. I think the Hyosung 650 sporty is LAMS legal but in restricted form. Which is a good option, when you're off restrictions you then have it de-restricted and end up with a full powered 650 twin.

  10. Yeah there is a restricted version of the Hyosung 650. Its badged 650L if i recall correctly and the only difference (i think) is the slides in the carby. Once you are off restrictions you can spend about $160 and have an unrestricted twin putting out more power then a SV650 :D

    AMCN wrote:

    [/quote]Never has $160 bought so much for so little. I'm talking about a 130 percent increase in performance. That's right - 130 percent! And all it took was $40 for a replacement set of carb slides and around $120 in labour costs. Yeehaa - AMCN Vol54 No 10 Nv 17-30, 2004 pg24
  12. Don't the Hyosungs use Suzuki engines and various other Suzuki parts? But I heard Hyosung is Korean... Sounds like a cool idea anyways, saves people having to sell their 250's if they want to upgrade...just change it unrestricted spec for $140 or so, pretty sweet I reckon... Give it time, i'm sure Hyosung will have some cool bikes in the years to come.
  13. hey mate when is your L's test? mines in a bit over a week too (25-26th) where are you doing yours?
  14. my L's test is on this weekend comming, the 21st and 22nd!!!!

    you worried about the DKT? Its fairly easy but if I go into "auto click" mode I end up with a couple of mistakes . Doing that mock up test at the RTA's site helps alot, finally got all questions right after numerous attempts with 1 or 2 wrong, had two fails as well attempted the mock test 7 times.

    As for the course, I am looking forward to it! If I keep my wits about me and my confidence up, I'm sure I'll do alright. Plus I get to sit on a bike for alot of the weekend, what more could I want?

    Good luck with your test Tommi
  15. Thanks man! same to you!

    can you post a link to the online DKT test? its not the same on you do when you get your drivers L's for a car is it?

    did you bother getting the motorcycle handbook from the RTA (i think i will get it tomorrow)
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  17. Congratulations...and good luck with ur L's

    Im in the same boat as you, I have alread bought my first baby - a Yamaha FZR250 and wont be getting my L's to the weekend
  18. Good luck with yer L's, the FZR250 is a great lil sports bike, i likem better than them ZX2's and even the ZZR250... What year model is it?
  19. its a 1990 but since its a grey import it has 2005 plates
    done only 9,000 k's, comes with warranty and my choice of colour scheme so i think i got a good deal for $5,000
  20. sweet sounds like a good deal!

    what colour?