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First bike, GSX250f or GPX 250r?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Banana.Monster, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to get my first bike and my L's next month, but I'm not sure whether to go with a used GPX250R for around 2500-3000 or try and get a used GSX250f for 3500(theres a nice one on the market atm for 3400), the 250f looks good with the storage space for a helmet or whist riding bags or whatever. Just want to get peoples opinions on both bikes and how they stack up against each other

  2. You can't really go wrong with either. I am interested to know the handling and performance differences between the two bikes.
  3. Suzuki is GREAT for the Drive through at Maccas :grin:
  4. I must admit that I have never seen a bike go through the drive through (all tho I have seen pushbikes :S)
  5. Significant difference is that the GSX250F (Across) is a four cylinder, the GPX is a twin. Basically the GPX has less power/torque but what it does have is available across a broader rev range - making it easier to ride but offering less outright performance. Other issue with the Across is that the luggage space comes at the expense of a small fuel tank - think most people only get around 150kms before needing fuel. Other than that they're both good, reliable learners bikes so as long as they're in good condition you can't really go wrong with either. Try sitting on both and see which one suits you best, the Across is a slightly larger bike than the GPX.
  6. Thats a point for the Across, as Im a tall guy (6'5), How big is the tank on the GPX?, I read that the Across has a 12L tank but I have heard about really high Ks/tank for the GPX (around 250Ks to a tank before reserves)

    Edit: Typo :S
  7. Across is good for carrying things and the gpx is good for lane splitting because its so thin. Sit on them both get a feel for the weight, you know throw it back and forwards between your legs, put both feet on the pegs and see if it feels right.
  8. Im also 6'5" and have sat comfortably on the across and gpx but i think the GPX tank cutout suited my legs better. I went for the zzr250 anyway and picked up today so im all :grin: :grin: :grin: . Cant wait to get the gear and go for a proper ride. I reckon you will be surprised how well you can fit on them. I was expecting to be really uncomfortable but was good. Good luck with the hunting
  9. My Across will always more than 150Km out of the tank - on average between 180-200 before I have to switch it to reserve. I think if you were only getting 150 or less than you should get the bike checked. Most people I have talked to who have owned Across also get more than this out of the tank. :)
  10. Well i've only just picked up my bike (95 GSX250F Across) but i figure i might aswell give some thoughts about the bike.

    - Across needs about 8 - 10k revs to really get going, it's a little sluggish to respond below this.

    - It's quite heavy for a 250cc, but being a bigger unit 6'4 and 110kg's it actually suits my size well and has a fairly neutral riding position.

    - The boot is pretty useful, i've been told by the lads down at bikemart that i can fit 20 stubbies / cans (haven't tried it yet), but it did manage to fit a fair bit of crap that i brought off them today without requiring a backpack.

    - Across has a slightly smaller fuel tank than the gpx.

    I remember wanting the same info, and there a few good threads on both the gpx and across still floating around if you search for them.
  11. I did it once. I had just got the bike and friend was working drive through :D

    But about the bikes. I've got a zzr (gpx with more plastic), which is really good. The across isn't as powerful (but its a 250, the difference isn't much!). If I made my decision again I'd consider the across alot more as they can be alot cheaper and the storage space will come in very very handy. I wish the zzr had that place.
  12. I got the across about 8 months ago, never had a problem, not a drama at all. im not huge, only bout 6ft, and about the only complaint about it i have is that my legs dont quite fit into the grooves down the side properly, but this is small potatoes.
    prime rev range is between 7500 and 11000, top speed about 140km/h.
  13. 140km/h bah I thought it would do more considering its an inline 4
  14. thats best ive done in full tuck... ill try agen on the way home from work tonight..
  15. I would definitely recommend the Across, ridden my mate's plenty of times. Definitely a good bike, the engine is bullet proof and the boot is the best feature on it. Get a pipe on it and it absolutely screams it's tits off.

    The Across will do more than 140km/h that's for sure. Then again I'm only 65kgs and 5'10".

    Also the GPX is the ugliest bike on the planet.
  16. big fan of the GPX.. im 5"10 and love mine!

    i get 300+km to a tank and at one stage 390 of 15 litres.

    the rev range of the gpx is great for commuting. i love it. tho i havnt ridden my mates across just know he is getting bout 180km of the tank if he is lucky!
  17. The GPX250R will hit just under 170 indicated when tucked up (chest and helmet against tank), with the needle slightly past the red...

    With a strong tailwind and no backpack, I'd say it could hit 170.
  18. Personally i'd take the across anyday.
  19. Woa, I didnt expect to see this post again :D, I ended up getting a GPX 250R from a friend who has stopped riding, it was only 1500 :D
  20. you made a good decision,

    very reliable and very ridable bikes!

    i ride regularly with 6-1000cc bikes and im usually up in the top 5 riders in the line up when we pull up... and they are all bigger bikes than me. throw her in ard n fast keep the revs nice and u can really ride the ass of them!