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First bike- GS500 vs CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Brmmm, May 22, 2010.

  1. And after reading all the discussion here I decided to get the CB400. I found one nearly 2 yrs old at a dealer in Newcastle with 11K on the clock. I'm pretty happy since there does not seem to be too many around. I don't knowmuch about bikes but it looks like this one has never been dropped - not a scratch on it. I got a decent discount for cash and they threw in delivery to my place from Newcastle - that's about 80km, so its all good.

    Here it is: [​IMG]

    Initially I wasn't that keen on the colour, but its definitely growing on me. All the better to be seen I guess. Interesting that the previous owner had put slightly wider handlebars on it. That should help me as a newbie, no? The bike also included the original handlebars and original indicators - not sure why they were changed. Any ideas?

    I didn't go for a test ride - just didn't really feel confident to take it out on the road. When it started I noticed that it idled at about 2000rpm and then settled to 1500rpm when it warmed up. Is this normal?

    Lastly, I must remember to get that recall thing sorted out at some point.

  2. Nice bike, congrats!

    The idle is normal. It will idle higher when it is cold, and when warm the idle will drop back to a normal level.

    The indicators were probably changed just to make them lokk better/different to the stock.
  3. If you can afford a CB400 then I would go for it. Most learners are young blokes with not much cash. If you were short on cash then I would recommend a GS500 but I think the finish on the CBs is nicer and at the end of the day you can't go wrong with either, both are better than nearly all of the 250cc offerings, especially for bigger blokes.
  4. thanks Trekka. I thought that might be it, it is nice to think the previous owner took a lot of pride in the bike.

  5. Thanks Mitch, I must admit that was one of the reasons I chose it.
  6. Congrats on the bike!!! I got the GS and loved it, my brother got the CB and loved it till his wife liberated it from him!

    The GS is an excellent learner bike but i'd encourage any learner with the cash to do as you did. Linked brakes are good and the VTEC(?) gives it a longer lifespan before you decide you must upgrade once off restrictions ;-)
  7. Thanks, I wasn't sure if the non-ABS version had the linked brakes. This is a bonus.

    Now, when is the damn bike arriving?!

  8. congrats bud :)
  9. thanks Goz
  10. nice bike pal, i like the yellow , i think my next one will be
  11. I bought a white CB400 last July, love, love, love it. Im now on my P's and bike still suits me. Enjoy it.
  12. Yay! that's good to hear.

    Sadly I'm still waiting forit to be delivered. Maybe tomorrow? I'm thinking my first ride is going to be at night, after I get home from work.
  13. nice bike - got one myself. Have a issue with fuel economy (getting considerably less than quoted per tank ) but overall a decent ride. Nice handling and nice weight gives you experience for larger bikes down the track.
    Problem with the bike is you have to use the first 2 gears to get it really moving....even with VTEC it wont pull much if you are crusing in 3rd/4th and punch it.
  14. First the good news - my bike arrived yesterday, and its even more beautiful than I remembered it. The bad news - its been pouring rain here and probably will for a few more days so no chance for a ride (since I have a bad case of the n00bie level skills - ie v v few). Hopefully my garage queen will see some action on the weekend.

    Bennjamin, what sort of economy are you getting and how much is quoted?

    The problem of getting the bike moving doesnt really worry me at this stage obviously, but I guess it might down the track. But by then I'll be quite proficient with the down change for a quick acceleration, so all that seems OK.

    In terms of good low end torque, actually my first choice was a W400 but they just seemed too pricey for a second hand bike ($9-10Kfrom sumoto or similar for one up to 4 years old).
  15. great to hear , enjoy the bike ! ! !

    My bike is averaging 200km per tank ( before reserve flashes CONSTANT ) - so thats roughly 114 or 15l and about 7l/100km. Which frankly is shit and the same as a small or medium sized family car OR the brand new Honda CBR1000RR.
    Im getting it checked out next week at Honda - perhaps its even a fuel gauge issue so who knows.

    Let us know how you go on your bike - try to use 95 RON and DONT use shell fuel.
  16. Congrats on the bike.......

    gs or cb...... end of the day you have a great first bike...
    I think color is great....nothing wrong with high visability.

    Actually come to think of it, all you need is a bright jacket and you're the perfect TEC...

  17. That seems pretty poor mileage. I think I used to get somewhere between 5.5 and 7.0 litres per 100 km on our CB400, depending on how hard I was riding, but I was pretty heavy when I was riding it. My wife rides it now, and she gets 5.0 - 5.5 litres per 100 km I'd say.
  18. yeah , im pretty light ( 80kg) and dont carry much more , and dont thrash the bike so somethings up. Could be a faulty fuel gauge , or a plethora of other sensors faulty and running rich etc. Who knows ill see what the guys come up with.

    Anyway , lets not hijack.

    OP , post up some pix of your ride !
  19. I wouldn't trust the gauge.

    Fill her up, ride it for 100 or 200K, fill her up again and see how many liters you put in.
    Then you'll have the best idea of how much fuel you use and what distance you get out of a tank. I believe its 18 liters on the cb.
    From research I did before I bought my gs, I believe you're supposed to get around 5 liters per 100K. Of course it's riding style dependant.

    I'm really going to miss fuel consumption of 4 liters per 100K with it's 20 liter tank on my gs500 one day when I upgrade.
  20. Hell yeah. The GS500 was a ripper in that regard. I'd fill up once a week and that'd be fine... when I hit 300 Ks on the trip meter I knew I should get fuel in the next 50 Ks or so, no sweat.

    The Z750 has a slightly smaller tank, and is a bit thirstier too, and I have darn things flashing at me on the clocks after just 220 Ks!!! But that said, the grin on my face is a lot wider now than it was those last few months on the GS - I'll pay for the extra fuel any day ;)