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First bike for my wife

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HeavyNinja, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Guys looking for suggestions on bikes for my wife. She is not keen on the 300 and to be fair I don't want to share lol.

    She is 5ft 2" would prefer a tourer and budget is $3500. It needs to be capable of doing 110 comfortably. I would like her to wait until I am ready to switch to a supersport or a litre sport bike, then she can just use the ninja (won't be getting rid of it) But she wants to start riding asap, she can use the instructors bike for lessons etc, which is a scorpio 225 and I am considering getting her one.

  2. will the Scorpio get to 100? :D
  3. Supposedly, but she said no way. She likes the virago 250
  4. The best thing you can do is get her her own bike, I should know ;)

    I'm assuming second hand, if so, take a look at a Suzuki Intruder 250 (similar to the Virago). At 5ft 2", probably a good idea to get her to sit on a few so she can feel comfortable with seating position and balance.
  5. duke 390
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  6. Kawasaki el250
    There getting abit old now but perfect bike for her.
    Or vn250 also
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  7. spoke to my missus today about getting her licence, best of luck with yours Spud, as mine not that keen but that's ok with me.
  8. I'll second the Duke 390.
  9. I had a Scorpio. It will do 110 but it's happier around 90. Redline in top is around 140. 140 on a Scorpio would be very frightening.
  10. What about a CB400?
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  11. +1 for cb400
  12. Can't get a cb400 for $3,500. Chilliman, I am lucky my mrs likes bikes. So it was easy to tell her I was getting one and the nextnwords oit of her mouth were, I am getting mine too then. Alot of family against it as we have two young kids and the whole motorbikes are deadly etc arises. Doesn't help my case when one a weekend seems to die in WA at the moment.
  13. Just realised that the budget is $3500 :meh:.
  14. Is a cb250 4 banger learned legal? I saw one the other day, I'd only ever seen cb250 twins but this one was was like a small hornet, 4 rusty headers coming down from the engine and a nice four into one mid pipe, looked so gnarly for a little 250. I should have paid mor attention but was in a hurry to get somewhere...
  15. The Virago will do 110 downhill and with a long run up. Up hills, she'll struggle.
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  16. I don't know if there's any rules about putting bikesales links here but I just saw this, looks like a mini cb400. Well, it is. And 40kgs lighter! I reckon it'd be a hoot to learn on. The high mount exhaust is a nice touch, and the whole thing looks pretty easy to work on... And they're ASKING four. See if they'll take 3.5 ;-)

    2004 Honda CB250F Hornet / Jade for sale
  17. yes unfortunately we tend to only hear the bad news from the media.

    the chillibabe likes to pillion with me and she's a very good driver.

    best of luck mate, the family that rides together...
  18. meh, get lots of life (death?) insurance and nominate Godparents :p

    and get her whatever bike SHE wants..
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  19. Babyblade aka honda mc19/mc22, Gs500, rvf400, bandit 250. Lots out there if you can be bothered looking.
  20. Figure it's safer on 2 bikes, than pillion on one right??? 50% less chance of wiping both out! Morbid I know but that actually was a reason I got my own bike! Maybe I'm just a control freak and like being in control of my own destiny!!!
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