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First bike for a tall rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by aleister, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm currently learning to ride and shopping around for my first bike. There are lots of great bikes around but unfortunately they're all too small as I'm about 198cm. Even the larger cc bikes still have very little room between the seat and pedals! My instructor suggested a dirt bike for a higher ride height but I can't stand dirt bikes. Cruisers are out too, although they would probably be best for tall freaks.

    At the moment I'm checking out the euro bikes as I thought they might be a little larger than the jap ones. Maybe a BMW K75? I will be on an unrestricted license once Q-Ride is done.

    Can you guys help me out with finding a first bike?

    Thanks heaps!
  2. I'm 6'2" (189cm) and having ridden a cruiser form the word go I can reccomend even the smaller of the cruisers (Hyosung Aquila http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/gv250.html ) as they provide a nice relaxed riding position and good space for moving.... but as you have said "Cruisers are out too" (and I'm curious to hear why :p ) then you would be good to look at any of the road/trails out there .. Bikes like the honda Dominator would suit you quite well but there are still a range of 'lankys' out there riding bikes as small as a 'suzuki accross' and smaller... best suggestion is to sit on as many as you can til you find one that suits you.....
  3. If I'm not wrong Qride will give you an unrestricted motorcycle licence? In that case you can pick any bike you like. Being tall is a problem for people trying to squeeze onto a 250cc bike but most 'big' bikes would be quite adequate. You might find that some of the more sporty bikes (ZX10R, CBR1000RR etc) will be a bit cramped for a tall rider, but just about anything else available would probably be quite ok.

  4. Have you looked at any of the hybrid style dirt/road bikes which seem to be becoming popular. The Suzuki V-strom is an example of what I mean, bikes that have the ride height and ground clearance of a dirt bike but are are a bit better suited to tarmac, there seems to be quite a few available at the moment.
  5. search for :
    Testride Suzi V_strom comparo
    in the bike-test section here.

    Tall? No probs.
    Easy to ride? Most definitely.
    Fun? More than you could poke a stick at.
  6. im 16 nearly 17 and imabout 194cm and im the same im thinking about a cbr600rr
  7. I'm in the same situation. I'm 199cm tall and just looking at the zzrs, the gpxs and the cbrs etc,, I don't think they're going to be too comfy.

    Unfortunately I'm in Victoria, so I'm restricted to < 260cc, just wondering if anyone had suggestions
  8. try the hyosung comet, definately the biggest sporty bike. i think the bandit is a better bike but theres no denying that the comet is the biggest. the bandits still pretty large, they use the same frame for the 400, and you will be able to find one cheaper, but the comet is still bigger :D
  9. Cheers, I'll have a look at them.
  10. Have you sat on a zzr or gpx though? Due to the more upright riding position you'd probably find a bit more room compared to a cbr250. I hear aprillias aren't too bad either due to their high windscreens.
  11. Not yet. Thought I'd get my L's first (this saturday :D) before I waste bike sellers time :p Cheers to Warden for pressuring me into getting into bike riding.

    It was just by looking at the specs of the bikes and picturing myself riding them, that I came to the conclusion that they mightn't be big enough for me.
  12. i'm 6' and found the GPX pretty cramped with the legspace. i can see how its comfy got shorter ppls but i think its just a bit small for anyone with longer legs. i had no probs with the ZZR but if your near 10cm taller than me you might find it a bit small. just try a few on tho, worst that can happen is you'll walk away knowing thats not the bike for you...
  13. I'm 178cm & Bond fits me beautifully with room to spare!
  14. There is one hell of a difference between 178cm and 198cm even though 20cm on paper doesn't sound like much. I did my L's and P's test on a CB250 and I struggled with the size (or lack thereof), and I'm about the same height as Al here.

    If not a cruiser, then it depends on your prefs. You'll find most faired bikes to be annoying, since your knees won't sit nicely against the fairings (too high). Don't know what to recommend since I got a cruiser...
  15. FWIW, I'm about your height - 200cm last time I checked ;-) I'm also reasonably well proportioned so if a lot of your height is in your legs your mileage may vary...

    However, my first road bike was a ZZR-250 which despite it's low seat height I found perfectly comfortable with my knees slotting in just behind the right angle 'wrap' in the fairing. I took this one on plenty of long rides without complaint which is more than I can say for the T595. I've also been riding a mates VTR-250 around recently and have found it to be quite comfortable - although I haven't done any long distance hauls on it.