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First Bike for a Learner - VIC

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cowboy Mac, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. hi all, great forum you have here!

    Just to give you a quick background I am looking to buy my first bike in Victoria (learners) for commuting about 30kms to work, and 30kms back mainly taking the Monash Freeway. I have been looking at different bikes and have read the forum threads that pretty much say I will drop whatever I buy so it may as well be a cheap bike. I would like to get a sports bike (so fairings are involved) and want to avoid something that is too old such as the CBR250RRs, RGV250s, FZR250s etc. so I don't have to worry too much about the past history and reliability issues, and love the look of the new Kawasaki 250R (2008).

    Is it unwise buy a new bike because I am likely to drop it? Should I get it and remove the fairings for a few months? Should I just get a bike that isn't brand new but new enough not to worry about it breaking down on me?

    Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks again.[/url]
  2. Welcome to Netriders, Cowboy Mac!!

    I faced the same dilema not long ago - a cheap 250 that was old with a suspect history, or a brand new Kawasaki GPX250R?

    Husband decided that it would be better to have the brand new bike with 2 year warranty, no worries about the history and costing the same as a recond CBR250RR.

    I've had my 'Geepy' since 1st September, and while I haven't done a huge number of k's, I've never dropped her, never even come close. I think because it is new, I don't want to scratch my 'baby' and I am more cautious. My husband a GPX for over 3 years, used it to commute 32k's each way to work, it was super-reliable.

    If you can afford to get a nearly-new or new bike, go for it - you could end up spending the same amount if an older bike needs any major work done to it.

    Good luck in your search!
  3. It depends on how much you're willing to spend.
    I bought a new bike and have dropped it a few times, but shit happens.
    If you're worried about dropping your bike, don't get one with fairings. It just means that you'll do more damage when you drop it.
  4. The main aim is to have a solid reliable commuter and because I don't know much about bikes, avoid getting stitched up with a used lemon. The Kawasaki seems to tick all the boxes and doesnt seem much more than some of the other sports bikes that are 10+ years old.

    Thanks for the replies so far.
  5. Hello and welcome to the Zoo....

    My advise would be to get a 250 on the older side say something like a gpx or a spada (no fairings) these type of bikes are ultra reliable and will see you safly thouh your L's...i never saw much use in spending heeps of money on a bike you may only keep for 12 months or so....if i was you id find something cheap and reliable so you can save your money for a great machine when you get off your L's.

    also Vic. is about to change to the LAMS system so 250 will drop in price and you will only make a big loss on any new 250... :shock:
  6. Given the number of people that upgrade to a bigger bike as soon as possible (or sooner) there's plenty of 2nd hand GPX and ZZR250s out there that are only 1-2 years with low kays that have already taken the hit of depreciation. It's bikes like those that are worth looking for - the grand or two you save on purchase price should cover the cost of any low-medium speed drops. Or if you're not too worried about looks save even more cash and buy something that's still almost new mechanically but already has a few scuff marks on the fairings. If you buy something Japanese that's only a few years old the chances of getting a lemon are basically zero.
  7. You can get oggys, bar ends and swingarm slider thingys to protect your bike! get the dealer to install them before you pick it up!
  8. why do people keep saying this? is LAMS what NSW has been on for years? CBR's and other i4 250's are worth more than ever.

    I'd say get whatever you want, because even if you get an old CBR, it will most likely be reliable and hold its value. Most importantly you might as well enjoy your 18months or so before you can get your next bike.

    Bikes in general are pretty reliable from my experience. I've been riding for many years and so have a lot of mates. we've all had i4 250's and no one has ever had a mechanical problem.
  9. hey cowboy, i bought a ZZR 250 2006 model it only had 3500 ks on it and it in mint cond. it is a nice bike will to highway speed comfortablly (and more as well) and is also a good tour bike. Although i am biased i would recommend that u get a fairly new bike with warrenty still on it if possible. And dont worry about dropping it, it happens although i havent yet and hope not to. So my final opion is by something like a GPX or ZZR 250 and wen its time for the trade if you have bought second hand u shouldnt lose to much in the price
  10. I say this because VIC. is currently not on LAMS and when we do soon all L's riders will be able to ride higher cc bikes hence the value will go down on 250's and like i said before get something decent which is reliable and going to get you though whats the use of buying a $6,ooo bike if LAMS come in and its only worth 2-3k???
  11. Doesn't mean every learner is going to want to buy a larger cc bike though - especially when there's only a choice of two and both cost significantly more than a 250. And given the resale value of the 650 Hyo is actually a lot worse than a 250 that really only leaves the GS500F. And if everyone buys one of those their resale values will be quite low too.
  12. i think you will still see a decline in the price of a two fidy and especially if you buy one now when LAMS is not operating for say 6k and then sell it when it is (i think they say it will be operatinal b4 the end of the year) you will definatly be a large loss..not saying there will be no market for two fidys just a reduced on and therefore a reduced price.....so choose wisly
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I think I will shop around for a second hand ZZR that is only a few years old (with books), and hopefully will save about 2k or so which will go towards my gear. I'll let you all know how I go.
  14. Yep, the sportier 250's will hold their value still I think. Not sure about the GPX etc.

    Want a powerful 250 that will eat up highway kms and yet still handle the twisties? Suzuki Across (GSX250F). Save on insurance over a CBR, more powerful than the post '93 CBR and more comfy for longer trips. The engine is great, useful power is available from 7 grand and it winds out past 11 before you need another ratio.

    Due to the power and the gearing they will cruise at higher speeds easier than a ZZR / GPX. I had one not long ago for my daily commute of 70kms.
  15. This is only the asking prices.

    1) what is the actual clearance rate of these bikes? Eg. how many are actually sold at their respective asking price vs. them being traded in for nuff all at a dealers when they don't.

    2) As more states come online with a LAMS equiv. the ability for dealers to shift stock to a non-LAMS state dries up (which they do now).

    Don't have the answer. But looking at the bikes for sale here on Netrider over the past 6 months. It appears that 250's don't shift well nor within 30% of their asking value.

    Why not track bikesales.com on some 250's in NSW over a 2 month period as see if the price drops or it get removed. My guess is they have been around for quite some time.

    Only time will tell?
  16. LAMS has already been in NSW for nearly 6 years - if it was going to affect prices it would have by now. Unless you think those CBRs have been on bikesales all that time, or that NSW people are too stupid to advertise things for the "right" price ;).