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First bike, first time on the road, first time in the wet!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ickday, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all! new rider here, just got my bike today, got a real good deal on a red hyo gt250r :) i know a few people here don't like them, but i like the bike :). the main reason i got it was because of the size (at 6'2" and 100kg i looked like a clown on a cbr :p)

    anyway took it out today, was a bit nervous at first but after not long on some backstreets found myself cruising around some main roads in light traffic and eventually onto the highway :D.

    Took it over to my friends place and hung out for a bit, tried to leave before the rain but just my luck it started just as i was about to set off! i had the choice of getting a lift and picking up the bike another day, but decided to not be a pussy, i figure i've gotta ride in the rain some day, so i just took it easy, and made it home fine (although with cold legs).

    I can say after a days riding that i'm in love! most fun i've had in a long time.

    See you all on the road!
  2. congrats!
    keep taking it easy, you can't rush these things
  3. Good stuff. While riding in the rain can be a bit daunting but if you concentrate on being smooth and keeping the bike upright around corners its really not that bad. And remember your bike will not stop quickly in an emergency in the rain. So give yourself double the stopping distance that you'd use in the dry.
  4. Congrats mate !!!

    Do yourself a favor, read up on wet weather riding, ensure you have the 'right' wet weather gear, and NEVER let a little weather stop You riding.
    Gaining wet weather experience is essential.
    Well Done!
  5. Great stuff mate! I remember my first rain ride too, I had the same thought you did, that I'd have to do it eventually, so why not just take it easy and see how things go.

    All went well, and have ridden in some absolutely diabolical weather since. It's all about gaining experience :)
  6. congrats on joining the motorcycling fraturnity, and not being a pussy, not chickening out of riding in the rain, must say some of my most enjoyable rides have been set out in the rain

    most of the sydney people that attend the fiddler meets can attest to this
  7. Some good advice above. Just be smooth, and I find staying in a higher gear makes it easier to manage the throttle in teh rain, less likely to shock teh rear tyre.
    Best way to get confident in teh rain is have good gear that keeps you dry, and just ride in it. It's actually fun if you have good gear.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Hey, well done Ickday. Had my first ride today, it got a little wet later on. It's probably a little drier and less windy on a faired bike like the hyo vs the vtr I'm on
  9. I haven't thought about that before .... Great advice Andrew!
    Something else I'll take onboard. I guess You just never stop learning.

  10. I did this intentionally when i was riding for that exact reason, thinking it was probably the wrong thing to do, like it was bad for the bike or something, turns out the noobs can teach the vets some things hey!!

    Thanks for all the encouragement! i've been wanting to ride again but it has been raining alot and i don't actually have any wet weather gear, so it's not something i want to do just yet, but i'm happy to do so if i get caught out!
  11. *snicker* I've applied it to the 405hp Corvette C6 a friend and I rented for a few days in the US, and also to the Tiger 1050 (a small step up from my VTR250) when testriding it. "Now, I've read that you can only wheelie in 3rd if you clutch it up... so that's probably a safe bet until I get used to the bike" ;)

    I love wet weather riding. Every biker nods in the wet. :grin:
  12. You don't actually need much. Some extra layers under your summer gear will keep yu warm (thermals are great). To keep the rain out all you need is plastic pants (yellow postie pants are $15 at Bunnings) and a light, unlined raincoat that fits over your gear (disposal stores have them or you can get them at cycling stores). :)