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First Bike, First Ride... Straight out of the showroom?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ryan_a, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hey people,

    My new bike should be arriving around the start of March, went in to get the new contract junk sorted out and I asked about delivery.

    Specifically I asked "can you deliver to Doncaster?" his reply "Doncaster? Ah you'll be fine, just go straight down the Eastern".

    Now... do you think this is the most sensible thing to do? It'll be my very first ride on the road, on a brand new bike, and I gotta go down a freeway (or follow and ride over the tram tracks through Kew :shock:), what do you think I should do?
  2. If you've never ridden on the road before. Either get a freind to ride it home for you, or get them to deliver it to your door.

    Much safer.
  3. Me I rode from Dandenong to Mornington in peak hour on my first ride. Exact same situation as you.

    Just do it :grin:
  4. I would agree with PP, though if you have to ride it, then don't do it at peak hour, and take the eastern not Victoria st, stick to the left, and be carefull of the people entering off punt road.

    I am guessing that you are coming from the city, so I would advise you use exibition st/rathdown st, as it doesn't have tram tracks.

    If you can at least get someone to tail you (Send me a PM if you want a volenteer).
  5. Get it delivered!
  6. somebody post up that vid of the guy who low sides it some 10ft from the show room floor. oh, the sound of a brand new bike hitting the concrete! :shock:

    when i sold my 250 the noob guy wanted to ride it back to his place. he lived a fair way away over the harbour bridge up north somewhere!

    i talked him out of it as it was close to midnight when he came to inspect it.

    i rode it to his place the next day with a mate tagging along in a car.

    i would think a dealer should have no problem delivering it!

    Question: is it insured?
  7. ride it on a weekend

    If you ARE going to ride it home, I would suggest maybe the weekend will have less traffic for you to contend with!!
    Eastern freeway is very wide, intimidating at times, but as others suggested, be very cautious, 'better to arrive late, then be remembered as getting there dead on time' is one fellows 'sign' on here, read and listen!! Ride to your own capabilities too, dont do 100 if you think you may stack it, let traffic go around you, stay on the left lane as suggested, and trucks, taxi's buses, they really dont care, and the tossers in cars too. But there are some very courtious and genuine nice people too on the road, just have your wits about you. and to have someone follow, a fantastic idea.. By the time you get home, hopefully you would have stopped gritting your teeth :) Think we all did that at one point or another.
    good luck, and stay upright..
  8. :WStupid:

    Good Sound Advice
  9. Jeez people, I rode home on my first bike and so did a lot of you. :roll:
  10. Yeah, but your riding a Hyosung. No one would notice the difference if it got binned :LOL:
  11. I know what your sayin, but I remember my first ride on the road, and I wouldnt want to take the same risk on a 'new' bike that I havent ridden before.
    Just my 10 cents worth ( adjusted for inflation ) :LOL:
  12. Are you a man or a mouse? You bought the thing to ride it, pump up your bollocks and jump right in. The freeway's no problem, bikes are easier to ride the faster you go, it's stalling at the lights that'll embarrass you, and that's hardly dangerous.

    Back yourself, don't weenie out. Take it around the block a couple times to make sure you know what all the levers and buttons do, and then jump on in, the water's fine.

    Edit: oh, and ten points for every kilometre you ride with your indicator still on. :grin:
  13. I picked up my bike from Elizabeth Street in peak hour and rode it home to South Morang via Punt Road in peak hour. I hadn't been on a bike since I did my L's a few months before.

    OP is 25 right? I was 27 at the time, plenty of experience on the roads so I could spend more time focussing on the bike. When I finally get to upgrade, I'll be riding it the minute I can, not waiting around for somebody to deliver it to my door.
  14. Just ride it!

    That's why you bought it. Take it easy and you will be cool.

    I still rack up the points on this one!

    Enjoy your new toy and ride it home.[/quote]
  15. I am going to suggest the safety option..

    If you are not comfortable riding home dont do it..

    I am sure you can get someone to ride it home for you .. :wink:
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :oops:
  17. My first bike i bought, i rode it about 100kms back to my place, just as it started to get dark. Was pitch black about 3/4 of the way home. This was on the freeway too.

    Wasn't my very first ride on the road, but i'd probably only ridden about 1 hour on the road before then, and never at more than 80km/h

    I felt comfortable, and i was fine. If you feel comfortable enough to buy a brand new bike as your first bike, you should be comfortable enough to ride it.

    Has it got oggy knobs on it? If not, maybe invest in some.

    Ride safe dude! :)
  18. Pick a quiet time of the day to ride it home. And be careful. The brake lever, clutch etc will be unfamiliar, but if you got 2 brain cells between your ears, you will be fine.
  19. The main problem is,

    He has not ridden a motorcycle on the road before.
  20. First road ride?, get it delivered.