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First bike. First ride. First nod. BIG SMILE

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kane Mortlock, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. :D

    Bought my first bike today.

    1999 Kawasaki GPX250 in Kwaka green. :D

    Nothing like your first ride on the road after doing virtually no other riding ever besides the two day pre-learner course ... Would you believe at the end of the street of the guy I bought it off, (the very first street I have ever riden) I came to a t-intersection with a 8 lane road and had to go across 5 lanes in traffic before turning right at a 5 ways intersection!!!

    No pressure :LOL: Slip clutch. Across two lanes. See van hastily about to merge right to turn right where I want to go. (Thankyou RideitRight prelearner course for making me expect the van to do that). Stop behind road double coal truck (!) Slip clutch again cross two more lanes and stop at the right turn arrow. No sweat :shock:

    Turned right, road up the street, through a set of lights and got my first nod from a rider coming the other way! (Stoked) 8)

    Then rode down to Wollongong from Sydney with two bags on the back and even had a few spots of rain coming down Mt Oosley ...

    In short. I'm still alive! And I like it. :) Pictures of bike to follow if I can work out how.

    Thanks be to God!

    Kane Mortlock. :D

    How do I attach photos? Oh, well, go to this link, this is where the bike was for sale:

  2. Kudos to you! :D

    Good to hear that you've already been exposed to all sorts of hazards, the sooner the better methinks.
  3. Good one!
  4. It's a great feeling the first time you get out on the road, huh! :D
  5. Kane, good onya dude got my first bike gpx250 (05 model) in april at mittagong then straight on to hume hwy trucks and all so far i have ridden 16800 ks yep you read it right since april weather conditions include heavy wind, sleet, wind, rain , wind ,rain and yeah more wind and rain i have heated hand grips because at one stage i left home at 7am it -4 very F#cking cold but its all good :D enjoy
  6. it's a great feeling isn't it, worse thing is doesn't matter how you try you just can't explain it to those that have never ridden.
  7. Congrats to your new baby Kane. And good on you for keeping your cool and anticipating the van. Hehe, don't you love it when you're grinning ear to ear feeling the rush??
  8. And for as long as you ride you never lose that grin.
    And when you are without a bike for any length of time,and come back to them (as you will) the huge grin returns as well
    Be careful out there.
  9. Congrats on the new ride Kane Mortlock.

    Looks like a damn fine bike you picked up there. You seem to have grabbed one at a very nice price too!

    I remember the first few times I was out on the road. It was with out a doubt a pretty scary time. Good to hear you pulled through unscathed :p

  10. Hi all,
    thanks for you welcoming words of encouragement.
    The rest of the day continued my initiation into motorcycling:

    Driving through traffic near a westfields type mall. Right hand lane traffic stopped for people turning right at lights. Left hand lane also stopped, but moving slowly. I was riding in the left hand lane. Both feet out slipping clutch as traffic takes off again and suddenly a holden ute moves over on me. An aggressive, but not stupid lane change. Not seriously close or anything, but unexpected enough for me to lift a hand up asking what the ... as I ended up in front of him (just). The driver then stops right behind me and revs his V8, (right behind a bike with an L plate on it) ...

    I resisted the temptation to show him the difference between a billiard table on wheels and a jap bike hitting 15000rpm in first before it is introduced to second. A good decision not to hose him off though because there was way too much traffic and congestion.

    All in all though, I'm totally stoked with my first day on my first bike. I'm still opening my garage and turning the light on just to make sure my new ninja is there! My riding has to improve a lot, and I feel quite vulnerable at my current skill level, but hopefully this will pick up quickly with practice and riding just feels great.

    Thanks again all, STOKED,

  11. I have to agree about it being great to get that first nod! Even better is getting a nod from someone in a car, coz you KNOW what they've got in their garage!!
  12. I know how you feel kane! been on my bike 2 weeks tomorrow, its definately a steep learning curve let me tell you, some days i feel really confident with my riding, other days i scare the shit out of myself...i guess thats the way it goes. But how AWESOME is it?!!?! I love it and it doesnt seem to fade. If youre anything like me you'll be having dreams about riding soon.

    Good luck to you mate!

    oh, and one piece of advice i have, if its raining stay away from any white paint on the road (lines, arrows etc) its SLIPPERY AS SHIT...well as slippery as i imagine shit would be if you rode over it.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Good on you Kane, It's great to hear you enjoying things and keeping your cool. The V8 only reved because you had the L plate. It's the same in a cage, morons try to intimidade you. Just hold your position, keep an eye on them and be prepared to take action. Drag racing only gives them the shits, and remember V8 cars have a higher top speed than the 250. They're also bigger and can be painful if used as a road rage weapon.

    Great that you remembered lessons from the ride course. Best money you ever spent. Seems like you've got the right attitude to riding mate so you'll have many more years to enjoy the feeling. It only gets better. :D