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First bike ever - advice pls

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rob72, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster.

    I've decided to get my L's and have started looking at bikes that will be good and safe to learn on and reliable enough to keep for a few years. Budget is around $10k for bike and safety gear. It will mostly be for riding on the weekends and the occasional 10 minute trip to work.

    I spotted the new CBR250R with ABS at Peter Stevens, this seems to be "perfect" based on a brief discussion with the sales guy but after reading a few posts here I'm just not completely sure.

    Is ABS a good idea for a first timer? Would I be better off sticking with something cheap and cheerful (and basically disposable)?
  2. hi an welcome to NR, there are alot of posts where people are asking about a bike suitable fort them, did you have a look or search ? might be an idea..
    first bike? brand spankers? half your luck, make sure you put oggies on it.
  3. Yeah, I did, but most of the advice seems to be an older bike or bigger restricted bike and based on a fairly limited budget.

    I stick to Audi and BMW cars, turn 'em over every few years.

    Yep, first bit of good advice there, thanks!
  4. Yeah you clearly didnt because just about 45% of all netrider posts involve telling new people what bike to buy but anyway.

    CBR250R's are decent commutor bikes, they are not sports bikes, the people at the dealership are out to make money and their advice is meaningless.

    for 10k incl gear get a dealer used CB400 and spend about 2k on gear.

    Far better option if your determined to pointlessly spend so much on your first bike,

    I would say dont spend that much, spend more like 6k including gear, even 20 year old bikes still ride about the same as a new bike, they are not like cars, besides ABS, which has dubious merits anyway, pretty much these bikes are being made the same way now as they were in 1990.

    A lot of the 'best' learner rides were made 20 years ago, these bikes will wipe the floor with a CBR250R 2011.

    cool story bro
  5. your first bike WILL get dropped, scrapped, scratched, bent, 1st bike go 2nd hand, get some experience and save some dollars upgrade in a year or two
  6. ABS. It doesn't hurt. It may in fact save your life. But it sure as hell isn't necessary. We've gotten by just fine without it for 100 years, and most of those bikes had brakes and tyres that were nowhere near as good as the ones we have today.

    I would advise spending $2k of your $10k budget and keeping the rest up your sleeve for upgrades, gear, changes of heart, and possible repairs. As many others above have said - first bikes tend to fall over a bit.
  7. Let him buy the new bike someone has to buy new.
  8. Buy what will make you happy. If you want a cheap and cheerful run around, get that. If you have 10k to splash out on a fancy cbf400, get that. If you want a cbr250r...
    My advice- I'm assuming you have little to no experience riding from your post...correct?
    Buy something you can drop and you won't cry about it. I know everyone says you will drop your first bike, and there is the occasional person who doesn't (me for instance, although when I learnt to ride dirt bikes, my first 10mins was 1 min riding, 9 min pulling it put of the fence XD), but assume you that you will. I would look into a 250cc minimum, go larger if you can, in the 2nd hand market. If fairings turn you on, I'm having a good time on my hyo but that may be too much at once. I learnt on a cbf250 and had a brilliant time. You can pick up decent bike for 1-2k, and you will be on the road.
    ...then again those freakin' cb400s sound smexy as.
    tl;dr buy a bike with wheels and enjoy it ;)