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First bike - Ducati Monster ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ianthom, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Hi, at the risk of getting shot down in flames from those more sensible than I am :nopity:, I have my heart set on getting the Ducati Monster 696 as my first bike. I know that it is not LAMS approved in Victoria and so there is a definite risk of prosecution if caught, however, many other reviewers have also seen it as a great learners bike, if you really want a DUC.

    I have also looked closely at the Suzuki Gladius SFV650K9 and the BMW F650GS, which are both LAMS approved and while quite different to the Ducati, seem to be great options as well.

    I'm 6'1 / 85kgs.

    Am I off the rails in wanting the Monster 696 as my first bike or should I go for the bike I'd love to ride first up, despite the LAMS risk issue ?
  2. Off the rails. If you're caught riding out of class, im not sure how many points it is in Victoria, but its 7 (READ IT SEVEN) demerit points in NSW, plus a fine. Plus if you cause an accident, you wont be insured in any way whatsoever.

    Just get a lams bike..
  3. Isn't there a Lams duc for sale on nr at the moment?
  4. There's certainly a risk involved. When I told people around me I got a bike and was on my L's they were asking me if I got a CBR1000 or a ZX10R and when I told them no a CB400 they were like Oh why did you waste money on a smaller bike when you could have gotten a bigger bike first up.

    Seems to be common practice.
  5. thanks for that ... I checked out the 600 for sale post on nr ... def worth a look ...
  6. thanks panza83 ... solid advice and thanks for link to other ducati sales ... 600 might be way to go ... I agree with the point on the risk factor if getting caught, plus more importantly, I couldn't live with myself if I caused an accident on a non approved LAMS bike and stuffed somebody else's life up, ... let alone my own.
  7. cause you'd have no insurance and be paying for the lot](*,)
  8. If you can afford the extra money for a 620 then go for one of those rather than the 600, they are a much nicer ride.
  9. thanks for suggestion .... i was just looking at this 620 IE on bikesales and either the ducati's must have great resale value or this bike is potentially overpriced ??

    Bike 2005 DUCATI M 620 I.E. Road
    Price $12,000*
    Odometer 6,600 kms
    Body Road
    Colour Red
    Engine Capacity 620
    Rego GU089
    RefCode 35CP-050-141
    Long Comments
    LAMS registered in VIC - the absolute best P/L plate bike that can be bought! Several thousand dollars of the very best upgrades including: - Termis (sounds awesome - worth $1000+) - S4R fully adjustable front forks/triple/handlebars upgrade (worth $1700+) - S4R 4 spot/320mm brembo brakes (worth $800+) - near new Michelin tyres (worth $500+) - upgraded gearing and DID gold chain ($400+) - added factory oil cooler ($300+) - Rizoma grips and CNC bar end mirrors ($200+) - Fender eliminator - ($50+) And includes the original front bikini fairing, exhausts, rear fender extension. You won't find a better 620 in Victoria (and possibly Australia). The suspension and brake upgrades to this bike make it 100% better than any standard 620 monster (the standard front forks and brakes are not good on 620's).
  10. Both in my opinion; the 620's do hold their value very very well but that's a lot of money for that bike (probably too much).
  11. You'll drop it mate, and you'll hate yourself for doing it.

    All the bikes on bikefails are overpriced, $12,000 is silly - it's worth $8,500 tops.
  12. Careful with the BMW F650GS, only the 652cc 2000-2007 single-cylinder version is LAMS approved, not the new 798cc 2008+ twin-cylinder version.

    Also, there is a non-LAMS and a LAMS version of the Suzuki Gladius.
  13. Other than the possible legal issues that surround riding a bike you're not licenced to ride there are a few issues with Ducati Monsters for learners.

    1. Like all Ducati's they are, shall we say, temperamental.
    2. If the 600, 620, 696 are anything like the 750, then the turning circle is shyte. It is (was) impossible to do the U turn in the NSW MOST. Even the instructors couldn't do it.
    3. Insurance will be expensive compared to the equivalent Jap bikes.
  14. There-in lies the real problem...If the worst were to happen, you could ruin the rest of your finacial life paying potentially 100'ds of thousands of dollars in damage and medical bills for the other person, not to mention anything that you might suffer personally.

    I would'nt touch that with a barge pole...It's life ruining.

    You'll have the bigger/better bike of choice when the time is right...In the meantime don't leave yourself wide open to serious trouble - it has a way of finding you.

  15. isnt it a $116 fine and no demerits for riding over class in vic?
  16. 3 points in Vic. It's nasty once... but what are you going to ride once the cops have done you the first time?
  17. really? i've nerver herd of 3 demerits for it in vic, you sure its not 3 penalty units not demerits?
  18. yeah im pretty sure its $119 and no demerits. i got a pic of a fine for the offense in vic.
    Its 3 points for high powered cars on p's and like a $300 fine
  19. I've got the penalties pdf from Vicroads (29 pages!) and it's a $239 fine and 3 demerit points.
    Been pulled over for license check twice since getting my L's late last year so it would have been 6 points and nearly $500.... apart from the insurance issues that could arise.

    Nothing wrong with have a proper LAMS bike and learning your craft before hand.
    It actually makes sense and LAMS really has given everyone more options than the stupid 250 rule still implace in WA.
    There are many here who will openly admit after upgrading to a powerful machine when off their restrictions, they would have not faired so well if they went straight to a high powered bike.