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First Bike - Ducati M400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Cam89, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just joined the forum after purchasing my first motorcycle and obtaining my L's about a week ago. Absolutely loving riding and am fitting in a lot of it to get my experience up. Hopefully doing a more advanced rider course soon.

    Anyway my bike is a 2001 Ducati Monster 400, with 24k on the clock. Love the hell out of it.






  2. Nice work mate, enjoy riding and stay safe :)
  3. Welcome on board, nice bike there. Looks like it has settled in to it's new surroundings just fine.
  4. Congrats on a great first bike. Enjoy and be safe!
  5. Looks great man! I bet it sounds horn too!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah the L twin has plenty for power for me, and certainly sounds absolutely mean. Looking forward to swapping the pipes and perhaps a fender eliminator and some bar-end mirrors.
  7. Nice. I looked at a black monster when I initially LAMS bound, but she'd had a fairly serious drop the owner at the time hadn't known about (not to mention some fairly dodge repair work up front - flakey weld). Good looking bike though mate. Ride safe.
  8. Nice, love those!
  9. Nice choice Cam89, I am the proud owner of a Monster 620 Dark myself, looks just like yours but stealthier.

    The best fender eliminator options for Monsters (that I've found at least) can be found here: www.ducatimonstertailchop.com I have their License Plate Relocator / Tail Tidy on mine. It looks pretty much stock but takes away the daggy plastic piece that comes down off the rear guard. I also have bar end mirrors from CRG which I got from www.motodeluxe.com.au (slightly more expensive than buying OS but not enough to be worth the postage IMHO). Also worth checking out www.monsterparts.com for various Monster related bling. :)
  10. Awsome, thanks Dionikon, will have a look
  11. Saw your bike parked down in Church St in Brighton this afternoon/evening.. I live over in Highett myself, we'll have to go for a ride sometime mate.
  12. Yeah buddy sounds good
  13. Wow nice, I am 3-4 months into riding now, also have a Ducati as my first bike. You will grow to love it more and more each day. Congrats! Safe Riding!
  14. Congrats, looks great! I've still got a couple of bits left over from my Monster 600 if you're interested:

    - Haynes workshop manual (great guide to working on the bike)
    - MFW lowered footpegs (if you're finding the riding position a little cramped)
    - a brand new Monza carbon fibre bellypan that I never got around to putting on mine :(
    - a spare set of brake pads
  15. Well done on the M400, I has one too, great bike, but I am now looking at selling, have upgraded to bigger and meaner...

    you might find this site useful if you are doing self maintenance.


    Also Ken down at Megacycle made me some pipes, I would highly recommend talking to him.
  16. That belly pan wouldn't fit a 620 would it?

    If so I'm pretty keen. :)
  17. Mmmmmmmm I love Ducati Monsters. Well done mate, nice looking ride :)
  18. Yep, fits all of the previous generation Monsters, comes with the mounting kit as well.
  19. Congrats, enjoy..
  20. Little bit of an update.

    Just took the bike down to Brighton bike and bits, found them very good to deal with. My throttle was sticking and not snapping shut, and I also had them install a set of danmoto carbon pipes for me. It turns out the throttle wasn't as easy a fix as they had assumed - apparently the throttle cables were jammed/digging into one of the carbies or something, I'd never actually had full throttle until now :-O

    In other news, the danmoto pipes sound fantastic - just way, way too loud. Anybody know how easy it is to setup a resonator or db killer?