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First Bike Dramas !

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mack, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I've been looking into the motorcycle world for the past couple months, sifting through these forums and all. I've decided I want to get a motorcycle, and I am in absolute love with Naked Bikes. I'm thinking about getting a VTR250, LAMS approved Ducati or a CB400. I am well aware the final two bikes are more expensive then the VTR, but I do want the bike to last me the complete LAMS restriction period (I am in NSW).. So is it worth saving the extra cash for a bigger bike? Or should I start small? Your help is much appreciated!
    Ps, for the above bikes, I am looking to buy used.. So what year is the best bang for your buck, and how many K's can I risk on it?
    Pps, this is all given I find a way to convince my parents! They are still unfaltering on their stance- motorcycles are a straight no. Any tips ?

    Thanks heaps !
  2. 1) You'll probably want to introduce yourself in the welcome section before someone tears your nuts off for being rude (it happened to me :) )

    2) It's your life, maybe you ought to remind them of that. Or if you are of a subservient mindset, give up on the bike altogether. No one here will give you some sort of magic password to changing their minds. That's up to you. Or just do it and ignore their whining *shrug*
  3. easy
    move to another state.
    no parents around and don't have to be on restrictions for as long a period as NSW.
  4. Off to the welcome section! ( I need my nuts :bolt: )
    But yeah, I live under their house- so I think it's fair I follow their rules. When I have the cash for my bike though, I think I'll be singing a different tune..

    MT1, if only..
  5. The VTR or CB are both good bikes, in a good price range, and it's a fair bet you'll drop your first bike at some point.

    In terms of K's and year it's as much about condition and treatment. Consider too your other costs; decent gear, insurance, maintenance.

    For the parent question, it's been asked a number of times before, some of the responses that have made sense to me:

    - Firstly, talk with them about it and show them you're serious.

    - Take them out to HART and look at the rider training options available, have them talk to the instructor, maybe see if one of your parents will come do the learners course with you, it's not that expensive in the grand scheme of things and nobody is going to force them to buy a bike.

    - Discuss the things you can do to help manage your risk (not buying a bike until you've bought all of your safety gear, setting money aside for additional training...)
  6. Wow, that actually sounds like a good plan. Hopefully it works as well in practice! Thanks PhilC :)
  7. They make you live under their house?
    You could probably bargain a room above ground out of them, if you promise not to get a bike for a few months...
  8. Woah, nah I'm not forced. I wouldn't be here unless I wanted to. I'm just trying to get the best of both worlds- ie, living with my family + getting a bike. I don't see a reason as to why they cannot exist with each other. They're just worried about the dangers involved, and I cannot really blame them for that. I mean, I get the pleasure of riding, which cancels fears of dangers involved. All they get are the fears, so I don't get all fired up over this..
    It is quite frustrating though..
  9. You wont be able to convince your parents as it's other motorist they don't trust.
    You know your parents best so only you know how best to handle them.
    As for bikes I'ld probably lean towards the CB400 as it's going to keep you happier than VTR power wise. I don't know much about Ducati's other than they are expensive to buy and some say to maintain.
    I had a VTR and loved it but I only had it for 8mths before upgrading to my current bike z750.
    The VTR's are basically unchanged from 1999 to about 2008 I don't think we got one in 2009 and from 2010 I believe they are a little different.
    As for k's that's a hard one as some would prefer a bike with 30,000 and full service history than a 6 year old bike with 5,000 k's that's barely ridden. Old oil, brake fluid possible dried seals etc due to sitting around barely touched means money needs spending right away as you will need it serviced from day one.
    Hopefully more experienced riders can add to this
    Good luck.
  10. Hmm, I've been hearing similar stories on the Ducati. I wonder, however, as to whether all these stories are nothing but clever marketing tactics. I'm sure the Japanese market would need some strong point to lower the Italian bike market. Or maybe it could be a bunch of Japanese patriots trying to horde more riders under their flag? It makes me wonder..
    The VTR is definitely a good-looking bike. But as you said, I fear it won't do the LAMS period justice. When I started checking out the CB400, I then realized the M400 was in the same price bracket.. Hence, the dilemma !
    Thanks for the advice OscarA !
  11. For the extended learner period north of the border and if you want a Naked - get a GS500
  12. there won't be too much of a difference in power across most of the LAMS bikes. They're all LAMS after all. There's the odd few exceptions and oddities in the list that some people know about that are surprisingly LAMS.

    in terms of costs, your VTR250 is probably one of the more expensive 250s out there but as a learner bike it has an awesome reputation. it's the one I'd have got if I'd had the patience to save the coin.

    The Ducati and the CB400 will cost you more. used CB400s are like rocking horse shit to find. I suspect the ducati may be expensive to service. I thought the CB400 felt awesome to sit on but I didn't ride it as here in SA there's very few second hand and ten Gs for a new LAMS bike was a little excessive I thought. Same with the Yamaha LAMS 600.. XJ6..F? I think it is?

    have you sat on many bikes yet? I'd definitely go sit on some and see which feel right for you.

    The nekked GS500 that BitSar suggested would also be a good choice. they'll take a little longer to get used to as they're heavier than the 250s, but it'll last you longer through your restrictions.

    Another option is the Hyosung GT650 naked which comes in a LAMS restricted version. They're not everyone's favourite, but they're a lot better than they used to be.

    I think it's best to resign yourself to wanting a bigger bike before your restrictions are up. it'll happen whether you want it to or not. just need to be patient.

    If you're not average height and build look for something that's got adjustable rear shocks.

    The risk with LAMS bikes is they get used by learners and then passed on to more learners. they're going to cop some stick.

    I would buy the newest you can afford with the lowest kms on it. What you buy depends on how much you want to spend.

    You should get something fairly decent in a GS500 or VTR250 for around $4k-ish. there's some bargains out there to be had for $3k but it depends how fussy you are with what you ride.

    Me personally, I would look for something no older than 10 years old and ideally had less than 50,000km on the clock. Save your money for some decent gear and your third bike.

    also - buy private. dealers (here in SA anyway) just add cost. you're not getting anything extra from a dealer on a used bike. do your revs check etc and get a mate to check the bike out before you buy. you might not be allowed a test ride but if you've a mate with a full license get them to ride it and check it runs ok. there's heaps of threads aroudn that give you pointers when buying a bike.

    Parents.. best of luck. I'm 35 and my dad doesn't know I have a bike. it's not worth the arguments. but he's in the UK so what he doesn't know won't hurt :)
  13. Getadukegetadukegetadukegetadukegetaduke. :D
  14. Out of curiosity why aren't you considering the Suzuki GS500?? As I was told by the good fellows on here they are a good and reliable learner and so far my GS500F hasn't let me down. I'm a tad over 6" and around 100kgs so for me the smaller bikes were really uncomfy whereas the GS500/F feels just right for me.

    As for my parents, I did my learners course and bought the bike before telling them...they just had to learn to accept that I was going to be riding a bike! :LOL: Although the fact I live away from home now helps....
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  16. 1) I think this is great advice re the parents issue.
    2) Chances are you're going to love whatever your first bike is and I'd say you've picked a good shortlist - TBH I think most people feel that they out grow a lams bike quickly and everyone is always dreaming about what their next bike might be so don't be too precious about it. If you are a bit on the tubby side maybe one of the larger ones are better though. Get on them and see how you feel but def do not overlook the GS500 - a beige choice it may be but still an excellent all rounder for a newbie
  17. As for the GS500, I certainly do prefer the CB400 over it. I've heard really great reviews on the GS, and I am biased to the Honda as I have sat on it. I just love the extra features, such as ABS and VTEC (two controversial issues on NR, but hey).

    JulieRush, thank you for the extensive reply- it really brought things into perspective. I do think I will drop the Ducati from my LAMS list, and save it for when restrictions are finished. There are a few good CB's around the 8k mark. And considering a good VTR will cost 4-5k, I am definitely willing to save up the extra cash for the CB400. Call me unfair, but I don't think I could give a Hyosung the chance.. Yeah, I'm like that. You had some great 'used bike' advice, and I'll definitely put it into practice. Your dad is in the UK? Haha, you got off easy !

    Funkmonkey! Sorry to ruin your groove with my lack of bike knowledge, but I've never even heard of a duke ( except for the 5 times you just said it :p )

    Stewy55, if I did that, my bike would be on Bikesales the same night it was sold. 'nuff said.

    TGM, I'll be sure to email that link to my parents. Well done Soldier.

    Robbie55, I definitely agree. That was perhaps the best advice I've gotten, and the best I will get. I'm looking forward to putting it all into action. I don't think I'm too tubby, so I'll be alright with whatever I decide. I'm gonna end up saving around 7k, (after buying armor and what not), go out and come home with the best bike my money can buy (in respect to the many requirements to what makes the 'best' bike- km's, year, etc.)
  18. Cr500 > All other suggestions
  19. ^ this is a joke yeah?