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First bike... Don't tell anyone!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by kRaZeD, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    So last night after work I picked up my very first road bike. Its a CF Moto 650NK.

    And after winding the odometer to the tune of over 100kms in the first day, I quite like it :)

    And if anyone looked outside from about 6:00 they would have seen the horrid weather we were having in Melbourne. I was riding in that. First time solo on the roads and I was dealing with wet weather, extremely poor choice of pants (jeans) and peak hour traffic. To say I enjoyed every moment of it would be an understatment.

    Navigated slippery bricks, oil on the roads, freeway speeds and virtually everything else a typical spring day in Melbourne has to offer.

    My most embarrassing moment? Stalling it 50m from the dealership... Call it nerves, but i got it restarted in quick order, so no harm done.
    Pics below :)
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  2. I'm in awe, mate. My first ride, I wobbled 10km home from the dealership in virtually dry conditions on a saturday afternoon, stalled twice, parked in the driveway then downed a sixpack to calm my nerves.

    100km in last night's weather during peak hour. That would scare me even now.

    Nice bike btw :)
  3. I guess I'm just one of those 'young, dumb and full of...' Well, more dumb really. Cross wind on the freeway is a bit concerning, but i just figure the bike knows what its doing, so just lean the appropriate way and all will be sweet :)

    I will say that I was completely exhausted by the end of my day. Still tired now after a good 8 hours sleep. But I feel I'm coming down with something, which really isn't a surprise...
  4. Nothing quite like jumping into the deep end. I still vaguely remember my first ride on the road, riding my newly acquired used bike home on the highway through a torrential thunderstorm with a similar lack of any wet weather gear.

    Only thing I do remember clearly is sliding the rear wheel out through a roundabout - but somehow managing to control the slide and keep the bike upright (it was the second ride I dropped it for the first time :LOL:).

    Have fun with the new bike :).
  5. Congrats, Nice looking bike IMO. Gutsy night for your first ride - well done nothing like just getting on the thing.

    Saw a few bikes coming of the Eastern Freeway at Springvale Road last night right in the middle of when the rain was pelting down, felt for them.

    As for wet weather gear; go here -

    Review Thread here -

    Plus Alex is a great bloke to deal with, located in Rowville.

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. lol my first ride i picked up my CBR600 from the dealership after not test riding it cause i wouldn't have had a clue... ran across the road and almost under a truck... then had to ride from brisbane to the gold coast in peak hour so figured i'd go "the back way" out through ipswich and round mt Tamborine.... poor traffic behind me lol.... my next out of town ride was a couple of weeks later when i rode from the gold coast down to tassie... it rained flat out for the first 1200km then blew a gale for the next 200 before i called it quits for the day..... all in jeans...

    congrats on the new bike and it's great to see that not only are you loving it, but you're keeping it upright in some trying conditions!
  7. You rode to Tassie? Nice one, Jesus! :D
  8. i had a big run up!
  9. Carried by strong winds mid air?
  10. Hey Krazed could you do a review at 1000kms and 5000kms especially of any issues that you have had. Not many have been sold and it would be good to have some real reports.

    Good that you are doing some kms and arent afraid of it, I think some people are too cautious riding on freeway is not challenging.
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  11. beans for dinner...eggs for breakfast... win.
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  12. good form mate....welcome to riding :p
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone :)
    Rain gear is a must... For next season.

    One issue with the bike yesterday was the high beam getting stuck on without even touching the switch. Had headlights on and the high beam was on at the same time. Turned lights off and high beam was still on. Turn bike off it turned off. Finally fixed itself after a while, so I'm thinking dodgy connection plus water = high beam.

    Also speedo seems to be out by 10%. So reads 110 @ 100ish.
  14. That's pretty much normal.
  15. Cool bike... Definitely one of the better looking LAMs bikes you can buy new.
  16. congrats

    i think my second trip was over 800km in a day this was only the second time i had ridden a road bike
  17. Fixed that for you....
  18. Over 800km in a day is an epic day... Even in a car.

    Haha, true...
  19. yeah i know my ass hurt so much i could not walk or ride the next day
  20. Ok, so last night I was out on the bike and looked down at the odo... 974.6km. Approx 30km ride home...

    So here is my 1000km review. It ticked over to 1002.7km when I pulled up at home.

    I've found it increasingly easy to ride, missing a shift very rarely. It starts easier, clutch grab point is easy to find, stop start traffic is easy to deal with if I practice the rear brake + clutch feathering technique.

    Corners well, easy to flick from side to side for round abouts and such. I have found wind will push the bike a lot more at 60 than at 100, felt like the front tyre was getting pushed out from under me. Road surface plus wind?

    Fuel tank seems smaller than it should and short of running it dry to figure out the range the fuel gauge is useless. With one bar left I'm lucky to get 10L into the 17L tank... Don't feel like testing it without getting a jerry can and 5L of fuel in it.

    It is fairly comfortable for longer rides, went from Sale to Pakenham in a single stint without feeling a sore bum. 170km roughly. Tank said it was near empty when I got back, but due to above issue not sure how much I actually had left.

    Has plently of power for me for the time being and whilst I'm sure I will get used to the power, it isn't lacking as it will quite happily pull up a hill in top gear at 80. Also pulls fairly well from 2700rpm, but obviously pulls better the higher up in the revs.

    Have had a few compliments on it when I stop to fill up with people quite interested in its styling and price.

    Overall I'm quite happy with the bike. For $6990 ride away I think its a steal.
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