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First bike clean {moved from General}

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Grinner1984, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I have had a brand new Honda VT400 (cruiser) for about 3 weeks now and would really like to give her a clean. I have searched different places for a run down of what to do but everything I find seems to be for sports bikes with more colour - mine is all black - and way less chrome. I also have some very light scratches on the tank that I would like to buff out if possible.

    Can anyone give me a quick walkthrough of how to clean my bike for the first time including good products that are available in Brisbane?


  2. Have you ever washed a car? Similar thing, just don't use a high pressure hose.
  3. Thanks for that.

    Yes, I've washed a car before - more times than I care to count - my major concern is using the wrong products on the wrong finishes.

    Is this Plexus product suitable for chrome parts?
  4. Never used it on chrome, but it's damn good stuff on plastic. In the chrome I'd use Autosol or something similar.

    Although having said that, given it's a Honda 400 is the chrome actually chrome.
  5. Plexus is fine on chrome. No problem.
  6. Please post threads in the appropriate section.
  7. Even on the pipe which gets really hot?
  8. Heh....people washing bikes, when did this become a Ducati forum ?
  9. ^^^ Thought you were changing your name ??
    Dnagir that is.
  10. why waste water :(
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  11. Thanks for reminding. Waiting for admins. Can't do it myself as blabs suggested.

    RE Plexus can you really use it on chrome pipes?
    It gets hot there and silicon based polish may not be the best option for that.

  12. I use plexus on pipes - mine are stainless.
    I also use it on the titanium cans and carbon end caps - no problem.

    I do not have chrome on my bike, however a mate restores cars and uses Plexus on chrome all the time. Not chrome exhaust - just chrome pieces.