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First bike - Benelli 304

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I've got my Ls recently (Victoria, so limited to 250cc) and of course now I'm looking for my first bike. - My first post to this fantastic forum!

    I missed out on a 1996 Yamaha SRV250 the other day which was devistating... anyway I've got another bike in mind which I'd like some advice about.

    It's a 1984 Benelli 304 that has been used as a weekender and has dont less than 6,000. Guy is asking $3000. I like the style of the bike and the fact it's a bit unusual, but I'm concerned that because it's italian it might be unreliable (my uncle is a Honda fanatic and hates anything not Jap), but mainly that parts might be very hard to come by if something goes wrong. All said and done it only has to last me 12-18months before I can upgrade to something bigger.

    I've also been looking at a Yamaha Zeal for about the same price but it has 56,000 on the clock :(

    Any help appreciated, particularly about the Benelli. Any experience with the manufacturer/parts in particular.
  2. no point being devastated there is always another potential bike around the corner.

    the odds of that being true are are 100 / 1.

    ummmm. are you a massive benelli fan and feel like paying a price tag only a classic could demand? if not consult darryl kerrigan - the castle, he has sound advice to offer.

    as a former benelli owner your fears are founded. as an experiment call your local benelli dealer (one on every street corner for sure) and ask them how long it will take to get them in part x for your 1984 304. you will probably hear dead silence from the other end of the phone.

    i'd rather the zeal with 56k than a benelli with 6k *cough* *cough* *bullshit* on the odo.

    stay away from the benelli unless you like pain and suffering, that's my advice. good luck in your search.
  3. Thanks!

    Thanks Slyfox, that pretty much settled it. ...don't worry, I wasn't going to pay $3k and I was wary of the odo. Still, if you think it's not reliable then there's no point. I'll look for something else.

    If anyone out there wants to sing praises of Benellis then let me know... but I won't be holding my breath.

    I guess that Zeal will get a test-ride afterall.
  4. Well, my friend, you asked a question and got an un-qualified answer. As Dirty Harry said, at least you won't die wondering :LOL:

    Yeah, you are better off leaving the exotica to well-heeled masochists and sticking with boring Jap stuff for your first, that's for sure...

    And welcome, by the way.... :grin:
  5. Re: Thanks!

    i am happy to sing the praises of benelli motorcycles in some cases, i wouldn't mind riding this model..

  6. I have a zeal!! 1998 with about 35k on the clock, had it for more than a year now and not once has it failed to start or stall or leak or anything. Great bike, one of the best 250s IMO (if you like the naked look) not too many of them around so thats cool if you want a unique bike. Goes alright too, top speed of 160 redlines at 15k off the top of my head and they crash pretty well :LOL:
  7. The Benelli 304 was a lovely small bike in it's day and it would still look great sitting in a museum somewhere, but as an everyday rider? uh uh...

    The new Benelli has basically no relationship with the earlier one except for the name so don't expect any help there either :)