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First bike awesomeness!

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  1. Exportswede submitted a new Showcase Item:

    First bike awesomeness!

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  2. That's nice mate, great first bike.
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  3. Very nice! Where'd ya come oup with 'Archibald'???

    I still had fond memories of my first beast, which was a 12 year old zxr250. There wasn't anywhere near the amount of learner bike options as there are now. Although we were allowed to ride ballistic 60hp, 140kg 250cc 2 strokes so I take the good with the bad
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  4. Congrats and welcome to the forum and don't be shy to ask quesitons
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  5. I have a black one with yoshi pipe and I love it. Good bikes.
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  6. I'm a Tintin fan, so it had to be Archibald as he's blue, just like Captain Archibald Haddock's sweater. :woot:
  7. Just returned from a three-day 900+ km ride (over to Halls Gap, and around the back way to Warrnambool and GOR; return via country roads up to the A1) on this baby.
    He's no longer as nice and clean as he was when I picked him up, but damn, it was worth every centimeter!
  8. Just a minor point about about your post Expo, gramatically, in the English languate, all machines, that is cars, bikes, boats, planes, tractors, trucks, trains etc are all "She" as in "She's a beaut"
  9. Oh, the irony.
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  10. Maybe Archie is a transgendered bike? Ever thought of that?
    Smart arse... :sneaky:
  11. Also, if such a grammar police, just out of curiosity, what the hell is a 'senEtor'? Or did you mean to write senAtor, and just accidentally mistyped it?
  12. Mistyped and don't know how to change it and keep my history with the forum. Didn't mean to offend, just wanted to point our that all bikes are a she, regardless of what you name them. Mines named Maverick.
  13. Well, eff that. Mines a dude and I don't care what English language standards say. Besides, that particular idea is pretty sexist and a tad outdated.
    I like the name Maverick btw. :)
  14. If you're going to call her Maverick, it must be a cruiser LOL.
  15. Noice :]
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  16. Nice choice of bike Exportswede. Any personal touches/mods planned for it? Seeing that you had a taste of GOR, when's the next big trip?
  17. She's the Cruiser in my Avatar.
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  18. No particular ideas for mods yet, but who knows? I haven't had it for long enough yet to feel the need to change it in any way.

    Next big trip? As soon as I can come up with an interesting route! Was thinking of possibly doing a lap of Port Phillip Bay, and take the ferry over between Queenscliff and Sorrento, or going up the Great Alpine Road, or possibly heading interstate at some point.
    There's no limit to the possibilities for adventure. :D
  19. #19 Ned, Nov 6, 2014
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
    The CB400 is pretty good as it is, glad you're enjoying it.

    I'm doing a section of the Great Alpine Rd in a few weeks, part of the route to check out a new bit of road I haven't done, taking in Bright/Omeo/Mitta Mitta, etc. Awesome roads up that way. Fingers crossed for weather like today.

    If it's adventure you're into, here is a sample of the sort of stuff I do: https://netrider.net.au/threads/nov-11-2013-neds-high-country-re-visited.153282/ Great bike roads with a top group of riders, can't wait to do it all again!!
  20. Oh that sounds like a fantastic ride! Well, once I have a bit more (or rather, a LOT more) experience, that is. Considering I'm a learner and I've had my license for like, 3 months now, I think I need to start with something smaller first.
    Really looking into doing the Great Alpine though, as a celebratory ride once I pass my license test (which I'm hoping to do soon).
    Until then, I'll keep going in shorter rides around Victoria, as there's till plenty of places I haven't seen on a bike yet!