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First bike at last

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Comrade, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. First bike at last - vtr250

    Hi All,

    After a few false starts finally got a motorcycle. Took the advice of many on here and went for a vtwin.

    Got it at a good price with 19K on the clock. Has just had the 18K major service and fitted with brand new front and rear Pirelli Sport Demons.

    Only managed to take it out for a quick ride this afternoon to get some petrol. My riding skills are still at complete novice level and at times i struggled with throttle control, especially when downshifting.

    Can't wait for the Easter weekend to get some real mileage under my belt. See you at the Saturday learner sessions once I've managed to teach myself the basics (in others words, once i feel i can get myself there in one piece).


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  2. Awesome, I love the VTR. It's a very forgiving bike (mine has had a very hard life).

    Please set your location in your profile.

    Be careful with your new tyres until they scrub in.
  3. Nice work and good colour choice.
  4. you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly the basic skills 'settle in' and your confidence will grow as a result :)
  5. Thanks guys!

    I sure hope so. Although I currently must be somewhat entertaining to watch.

    And that got me a free fill up at the petrol station. Turns out I forgot my wallet at home but the attendant told me not to worry about it. He must have had a few laughs watching me on the monitors. To be honest it was comical at times.

  6. well done mate! love the VTR. I had one before my street triple and it was soleley responsible for me becoming a confident rider without incident. very fun, forgiving bike. perfect 1st bike.