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First Bike at last - WOO HOO!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by suzyq, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Well you may remember i got my L's about a month ago. Well since then i have been waiting on a car to be sold so i can buy my bike. In the meantime i have been doing a bit (read, a lot!) of research on what bike to buy.. i really love the look of the fully faired sports bikes but i am only little, 5'1" to be exact, and am a bit worried about dropping it and damaging the fairings :(.

    So, after some more research and reading Petes "Spada Heaven" post i have settled on a Spada! I rang Steve at Caringbah and luck would have it they have just unloaded a container of Spada's last week and they have about 18 or so in stock. So blow it, i am going to go and put it on my credit card until the %$#%^ car is sold! I think i will need a heap of practice and hope i can remember everything i learnt on my pre-learner course! I have decided i just cannot wait any longer!! For heavens sake my L's run out in 5 months and i think i will need all the practice i can get!

    So anyway how excited am i! and to top it all off, my leather jacket i bought on E-bay earlier this week arrived today! WOO HOO! there is just no other word for it!!

    And because i live in the mountains, i have organised a friend to pick the bike up for me! I would be way too scared to ride it all the way from Caringbah to the Blue Mountains for the first time!

    So anyway if anyone is after a Spada, Steve says he has plenty in stock!



    PS Can't wait to go on a ride with some of you guys soon!
  2. great news! they're an excellent learners bike and caringbah seems to do a good deal on them. hope it's not intruding to ask how much you paid? hope to see you riding somewhwere soon! :)
  3. nice one! :grin: enjoy the new toy and get some pics of it up when you get a chance, sounds like you live in a great area for riding and your timing is pretty good too, end of summer so you can practice on dry roads before you have to deal with the mountains evil winter roads.

    have fun :moped:
  4. Congrats, Getting your first bike is a great feeling... but I doubt 5 months will be enough to pass your P's test. I suggest getting along to some pre P's courses as well if possible just to keep you improving your skills... not sure about what's around out in the Blue Mountains, or even in around the Penrith area, but there's sure to be something.

    Good luck :)
  5. i did my Ps after 3 months and passed easily. if you practice enough it's a cinch! :grin:
  6. Thanks guys for all your encouraging words.. and all i can say is that i intend to spend every available moment practicing! I am lucky enough to live in an area that has a lot of "blocks!" and i will become the queen of the car park! LOL! :grin:

    PT i actually haven't paid for it yet, that's tomorrow but he sells them for $3990 with 1 years rego, new tyres and 90 day warranty according to his website.. Check out Pete's post "Spada Heaven" do a search if you want to know more.

  7. congrats on your new bike mate.

    i'd like to hear more about your jacket? :p cos im after one. can you give us a link and maybe a review in a new thread?

  8. Congratulations Sue, look forward to seeing you on a ride soon. Take it easy at first, you have all the time in the world (well almost!) :grin:
  9. Hey suzyq,

    Congrats on ur new bike. I'm in the mountains too. Maybe catch up for ride sometime.

    Have fun....
  10. Well done Suzyq

    I was in the Odins Oath bikers Accessories shop, High St Penrith last week looking at some wet weather pants. I was talking to the girl who runs the shop and explaining my Mrs was on her "L" and getting her out on the bike.

    She mentioned something to me about a Girls ride coming up in the near future around the Penrith Area. She said it was more for girls new to riding and helping them with confidence, etc.

    Not sure if you are interested but the Girls name is Dianne and the shop is opposite Penrith Primary School on High St. Phone number is 47210511.

    I am still trying to get my better half to go on the day as well.

  11. Thanks Guys,

    Cant wait to start! Thanks Mark I will check out that shop, didn't even know it was there! The ride sounds good. It would be good to go on a ride with other newbies, esp girls to get my confidence up. Like i said, lots of 'round the blocks'. Cant wait though! I should have my bike by Easter so heaps of time to ride! Hope your Mrs comes along.. would be nice to meet her.


  12. Welcome to the spada club. very nice bike... Enjoy!! :)
  13. Congrats suzyq - nothing like that first bike to bring a smile to the dial :grin:

    Enjoy the Spada and stay safe
  14. Nice work Suzyq.

    I hope to be joining you tommorow in the area of bike ownership. Let's just hope the guy from MIS doesn't find anything that will stop me from buying this 250 Bandit.

    what a great way to start your riding career! Have been on my P's for a few months now and can't get enough of it!

    I was really surprised how quickly ones skills develop, just take the time to do things right the first time- i'm still ensuring i only learn good habits and dont get lazy.

    hope your riding is as enjoyable and safe as possible
  16. excellent suzyq! i know how exciting it is, i got my boots i bought off ebay the other day and i was telling everyone hehe, and when i got the 750 i have now, mannnnnnn it was the worst!! it kept raining for days on end and i was itching to go out for a ride but i hate riding in the rain :( i would go sit out there and look at it and everything! You will have a blast on your bike, dont try to go too fast around corners, and dont worry if you feel like your going slow, it all comes with confidence and experience. Just go with the speed you feel good at and most of all enjoy yourself! which i am sure you will ;) and remember.....where your looking is where you going, keep ya head up ;)
  17. Gees i love this forum!

    Ok well i went down to Caringbah Motorcycles yesterday and chose my Spada! Gees it's a long way from the Mountains, took me about 2 hours and as they close at 2 on Saturdays i was stressing i wouldn't make it in time! Bloody teenage kids! Anyway, got there at 1:30 so just had enough time to have a look and make my choice. I have a budget of about $4000 so i had about 4 bikes to choose from for that price. I trusted Lloyd the salesman as i don't know much about bikes mechanically and the one i chose has about 15,200 km's on the clock. That's the only thing they can't guarantee is that the Km's are genuine but usually they seem to be pretty right for the condition of the bikes. There was one there that only had 2,000 odd km's on it but Lloyd felt that was probably not right!

    There was a heap of bikes to choose from, probably close to 20 or so if i had a bigger budget. As they only came off the container last week most of the bikes were in their 'raw' state and they had pulled most of the seats off to recover them. There were a couple that were ready to go so i did get to sit on them! And being only short i could make sure i could touch the ground! :shock:

    Anyway for my $3900 they service the bike, recover the seat, clean it up, make sure the tyres are good and replace them if necessary, paint it, and give you 1 years rego and 90 days warranty. Bargain! They will also give you a good deal on any gear you need. :)

    So there you go, if anyone is after a Spada that's the place to go. I have to say to as a woman i didn't feel that i was talked down to at all and Lloyd was more than helpful.

    So in the next week and a half, they will get the bike ready for me and i can pick it up Thursday 6th! Yipee! And no, I am not riding it all the way from Caringbah to the mountains for my first ride, i am getting a friend (who normally rides a ST1100!) to ride it home for me..

    Hope this helps those looking for Spada's.. hey how do we get these guys to give a netrider discount! I think they should! :LOL:


  18. Wicked it great to see that more people are getting the bug nice choice for your first bike suzy have fun be safe
  19. those km are pretty low, she has a lot of life left in her, i am sure she will serve you well :)
  20. Congrats on the bike sounds like a beauty! Have fun and take care