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First bike Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by billza, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    Lookin at getting my first road bike, been riding a dirt bike for a few years.. I like the look of the Aprilia RS125.. Is this a good learner bike? Not really lookin to upgrade in a hurry so wanted to get something i really liked.. I saw that now but im sure a few months down the track i will want something else :)


  2. If your looking for a road bike the RS125 is not it.
    Its a good mini league track bike for flat surfaces and tight twists, but has no power unless you sit it on the RPM sweet spot.

    For road riding look at more a tourer or naked bike.
    In 250 world VTR 250 or ZZR 250
  3. It def can be a fun learner bike, but it depends on what you'll be using it for. If its JUST for weekend blasts through twisties, then it'll be fantastic. But if you want to use it for commuting and all the time, 2 stroke is more effort (both in terms of riding, cost and maintenance).

    I haven't ridden a 2smoke yet, I'm real keen to.. Anyone let me have a go of theirs? :)
  4. yeh not a big fan of either..want something that looks a bit more sporty and the vtr doesnt fit that bill and not really a fan of the zzr... any other suggestions..

    call me vain but i want something that looks nice - but I am working out you cant have that when it comes to your first bike
  5. it will just be for weekend rides... have car to commute to and from work...
  6. Mate, sound like you need the new busa.


    Why comprimise?

  7. I WISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Go the rs125 then.

    If I was going to have only used my bike for weekend fangs, I'd have considered a nsr150 (in repsol of course) or rs125 alot more seriously.
  9. When I got me one of them (2000 model), I had mixed feelings about it for a while. Every time I took it where the twisties are, it put a huuuuge grin on my face. Every time I had to commute in the CBD on it, it was painful...

    RS125 is really fun when you get it up to speed. The chassis is light and very flickable, and the engine noise is terrific - even more so on downshifts when it makes those loud spontaneous bangs. Sounds really cool. It's also great that you can ride it to its limits without putting your licence (or your life) at risk.


    It's not much fun at the traffic lights - and that's where it counts for me. You really have to rev it to get it moving, and it just doesn't feel right. Plus it doesn't inspire an awful lot of confidence if you're filtering through traffic. With four-stroke 250s you can quickly pull away when the lights turn green. Not so on RS125 - unless, of course, you're ready to pay for the new clutch.

    I had the RS for two months and I sold it after doing 3000 kays on it. Now I miss it every time I try to make my 240 kg mammoth turn :LOL:
  10. Take a look at the Honda NSR150SP. Same sort of thing but a fair bit cheaper, I'm having a blast on mine! The CBR250RR is one of the most popular small sportier bikes, a bit more expensive and older than the NSR but has a more practical 4 stroke 250.

    Keep an eye on ebay, I got my NSR really cheap over christmas
  11. why not go the RS250? You'll be getting a bike that can flog some 600's up to 150, is fairly roomy for a 2 stroke, and are probably hands down the best modern 2 stroke you can get out there. Problems, which you would also have with your 150 though, is parts, namely fairings etc (aprilia), but upside is that most engine parts are suzuki, as it has the same engine as the RGV.
  12. I don't know what the circumstances are in billza's case, but, if he's in NSW and still on a restricted licence, RS250 (along with NSR250 and RGV250) is not an option as it's not a LAMS-approved motorcycle. I heard it was legal in Vic though? Is that true? Man if I could get my hands on it when I was on my P's I wouldn't even bother with the 125 :)
  13. Ive got an rs 125 which i only really use for a once a week fang and it's pretty good u get to learn a little bit about mechanics too because there is alway's something to fix. Usually not too major.
    The only other learner bike i would go for would be a ducati monster 620ie
  14. something nice and sport but still learner friendly, go the CBR250rr, great little sporty bike, so much other there that parts are easy to come across.

    i use mine for getting around everywhere and for a fang down the natio on the weekend, lots of fun and nice bit of power for a 250
  15. I'd have to agree here. Performance-wise it makes a lot more sense than RS125.

    It's not exactly pretty though (my personal opinion). Unless fitted with a Tyga kit or something...
  16. Aren't Kawasaki releasing a new 250cc sports bike? i'd be going one of those if you've got the cash.
  17. Great looking bike, and some high end performance to go with it.
    I'd LOVE to have one someday. But it scares the &**# out of me. No, its not too much bike. Its 2 strokes! Probably not as bulletproof as 4 stroke alternatives. As a beginner I'd recommend doing some research into 2 strokes. They can really bite you in the ass if you treat them wrong. More so than a 4 stroke.
  18. Good advice, TCoops. Two-strokes really are very different. The first day after I bought mine it was raining. I was going through this roundabout and for a moment I felt that the bike was about to stall (cause the revs weren't high enough), so I gave it just a tiny bit more juice and ended up going through the roundabout sideways, speedway-style - the rear tyre lost traction halfway through the turn. It's a really fine line between not enough and too much with two-strokes. At low speeds you have to ride the clutch way more than you would on a 250 four.
    Having said that when you keep the engine in the sweet spot, it becomes consistent and predictable. So the trick is to rev the s#!t out of it no matter what :grin:
  19. 2 strokes are not for learners.... you need experience to ride them well.

    Remember the whole LAMS thing came about because too many young heroes were killing themselves on RGV's.
  20. I ride my NSR150SP, and have done since I first got my Ls (Oct 07). I thought getting a 2-stroke as a learner might be a mistake, but I absolutely LOVE it! (I did deliberately steer clear of the 250cc 2 strokes - didn't wanna kill myself!)

    I don't have any problems mentioned at lights, or problems nailing it if the light suddenly turns green etc.. you just have to make sure you're in the right gear. They are so light, they go like the clappers. I commute using mine. Maybe it's coz I haven't been exposed to anything else, but it is so fun to ride that getting to work and back is heaps of FUN.

    Very occasionally I think what it'd be like to be able to trundle around below 6500rpm :LOL:, but mostly I enjoy having to give it plenty of revs. Maybe after I ride a CBR600 around for a bit I'll think 'Jeez how did I do that' but meh, it's all good.