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First bike and no previous experience!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jamesn41, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. G'day Netrider!

    Just thought I'd finally post a little something as I've read a lot of posts but haven't posted myself yet.

    As the title suggests, I've had no prior experience riding to purchasing my first bike bar the 2 day learner course at Hart Somerton.

    I ended up deciding on a 2016 CBR650F due to a few different reasons and am completely happy with it so far. Bought it from Peter Stevens Melbourne. If anyone is going to buy a bike there, hit up Darren Azzopardi. He was the most helpful and friendly out of all the sales staff, spent plenty of time over a few weeks taking to him and asking him various questions before finally deciding on a bike, never pressured me into anything.

    Attended the netrider Saturday that just went last weekend behind the BP in Elwood for a couple hours and it was awesome to meet some people and have a putt around the cones haha.

    Overall, just really enjoying learning to ride and experiencing all the roads I've traveled on countless times in a new light.

    Hope to see more of you guys out there, cheers!
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  2. Congrats on your purchase James and welcome to Netrider.

    Hoping to see you on a ride some day(y)
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  3. Welcome . Enjoy your ride, but be careful out there!
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  4. Welcome aboard :)
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  5. gday jamesn41jamesn41 congrats on your new ride and your first NR post - enjoy!

    get some more posts under your belt then get some pics up of that new beast of yours.
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  6. Welcome, post some pics of your bike when you can.
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  7. Welcome to NR...

    Elwood rocks... ;)
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  8. Welcome !!!

    What made you go for the CBR ?
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  9. Welcome to NR:)
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  10. Good job mate, welcome!
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  11. Welcome to the nuthouse mate
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  12. Welcome, this is a great place :cool:
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  13. Welcome aboard mate
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  14. That looks like a great bike to start on, welcome.
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  15. Hey mate, I went for the CBR for a few reasons.

    One is that I'm about 188cm tall and weigh about 110kg and after riding the cb125s at the learner course I felt they were too small. So I figured that the 250s and 300s would be about the same.

    Two was that being on restrictions for this long now, I wanted to get a bike that I would be able to keep for a while and hopefully after my restrictions too!

    In regards to the other bigger lams bikes like the street triple and mt07 I just hadn't seen many cbr650s out there and wanted to be different haha.

    And overall, after looking at a bunch of different bikes, I just really liked the way the cbr looked and I just found myself wanting it more than any of the other bikes.

    Hopefully that answers your question!
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  16. Thanks everyone else for the welcome! I really wasn't expecting so many replies on the post, really cool community here
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  17. Hello James
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  18. Welcome!
    I was in a similar position a few months ago.
    Tried the CB650F and ended up with an MT07.
    You'll enjoy it either way :)
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