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First Bike and m First Ride :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pokiou, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Hey guys.

    I got a ZZR250 1997 model
    awsome looking bike.

    took it for a ride today around the neighbourhood.
    AND...................... battery died.. up untill that moment i was having the best time of my life !!! :D

    now i need to buy a new battery...!!! any1 know where i can get one and how much ???


  2. Battery shop, bike shop. Dunno, $60 or so? Where are you located? Try recharging the one you've got first and check the electrolyte level.
  3. And also get someone (if you can't do it yourself) to check the voltage regulator so you can make sure the battery's getting charged in the first place...

    Has the bike been sitting for a while, perhaps? If it has, you should get the oil and filter changed just in case the lubricants are in the same state as the battery.....
  4. Yea im buying a new battery tonite for 100 bucks and some glovegs for about the same price :D .. i cant wait im so friggen excited to get home and go riding around.... :D

    i might cruise past northland tonite or something .. :p

  5. Hey pokiou where are you near? I got a multimeter and a charger, if you're not too far from templestowe gimme a yell.
  6. i live in preston and i dont need to check tha battery now. I bought a new one last night lol :D

    Best ride to work today.! no traffic no morons :D

    in teh car it takes me 30 40 minutes lol on the bike not going over the speed limit once! 15 lol

  7. hey, pokiou.. didn't they tell you to charge the battery for the first time? thou the new battery is enough to start the bike but recommended to give it a good charge when new.
  8. Yea i charged it for about 5 hours till teh charger light came on sayig it was completely charged. I did follow the intructions to the best i can.