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First bike and loving it

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JohnAndHisBike, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone at Netrider.
    Just started riding and am loving it. It has taken to my mid thirties to do it, but it's the best decision I've ever made.
    Got my learners 3 weeks ago which was the first time I'd been on a motorcycle since I was 11.
    Bought a New bike and have been trying to go riding every morning before work. It's magic out on the road at first light.
    Want to learn as much as I can so tips from others or links would be super helpful.
    I'm living at bondi and interested in good ideas as to where to ride. I'm leaving at 5.30am and trying to get back to bondi by 7.30.
    I've been going down to the beach and then through watsons bay, back through to double bay and then over to la parouse and back to bondi.

    Anyway - just thought I'd introduce myself.
    Would also be keen to meet up with other riders who are ok with a learner tagging along.

    Cheers and apologies if I've posted in the wrong spot.
  2. Welcome aboard and yes probably better placed elsewhere so I will move it. Have a good look around the forums and use the search function to find specific topics. There is wealth of info on here fo r new riders.
  3. welcome aboard :] what bike did u get?
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    I got a LAMS Ducati 659. Was a bit worried that it might be a bit much given my experience level (and didn't hear about net rider until this week).
    Sorry about the delayed response but couldn't find my post after it was moved ( still figuring out the forum thing also)

    Thank for moving to the right spot - cheers
  5. you'll get used to the site and the bike soon enough, nice bike btw :]
  6. Welcome to Netrider and to riding
  7. Thanks guys. Feeling welcome. Went for my first ride that started in the dark (5am) and was great to see a couple of posts when I got back!
    Will upload a photo of the bike if I can figure out how to do that. Everything standard so people probably know what it looks like, but why not!
  8. I had a Ducati 659 until 6 months ago, was a great bike and never missed a beat.

    So nice and light as well, throw a set of Termi's on it and it sounds awesome!

    Enjoy your bike.
  9. Welcome to the Forum and a lifetime of addiction!

    Look at the Sydney Learners sessions for info on the Saturday training sessions and to meet up with a few other learners who are in the same boat as you are. They are also planning another group ride on the 15th for all L and P's - see thread for more info.
  10. Thanks Justus. I had the same thought after I put the name down but somehow when I changed in tapatalk it didn't go through. Have fixed now through the website. (Finding difficulty generally with tapatalk on iPhone - but I'm new to this forum stuff...)
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    Thanks georgeO. I'll definitely go on the 15th - it sounds great. I'll update that thread closer to the time.

    Thanks Chillidog (great name btw). I've been reading a bit about the Termi's. Would be keen to hear them for real not just YouTube. Maybe I should speak to the ducati dealership and see whether they have one I could listen to. Probably think about it at the time of the 1000km service. (After which I can not worry about having revs over 6000 also)

    Not sure what happened to my reply so apologies if this is going out twice. Have been reading a bit about the Termi's. Keen to hear them (not just on YouTube).
    Thinking that I could get it done at the same time as the 1000 service.

    What did you go for after the ducati?
  12. Plenty of people heard them on netrider rides and can vouch for the awesome sound as well as how awesome I am. Lol

    Once I sold it I got my current bike BMW S1000RR
  13. Looked at the BMW online. That thing is a weapon. Great looking bike.

    Thought I'd let you know - went to the city store today to listen to the Termis. Great deep note. Quoted $1700 installed. Will wait a bit I think. Maybe a reward for getting my P's I'm thinking...
  14. John, what's the name of the tapatalk app for iPhone? when I tried to search it it said the app is only available in USA store?!
    Welcome btw, from another noob :)
  15. I'm using tapatalk and tapatalk is the name of it.

    Welcome btw I'm new here too.
  16. Welcome to NR and congratulations on your new bike. Riding will get in your blood and you will meet some of the greatest people.
  17. Got it... Must have been a blonde moment :-/
  18. Haha even those of us which aren't blonde have blonde moments.[emoji2]
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  19. Welcome to NR...

    Nice bike there...
  20. Frasers were having a sale on Termis recently - don't know if they still on sale. They were up to 25 or 30% off the RRP (not including install). I had a set of pipes put on my 696 a few weeks ago and it's been great fun =D Not sure if it's in my head, but the lower gears seem less 'thrashy', as well as sounding much nicer!