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First bike after 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sparta, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I’m on the hunt for a new bike and am hoping you guys can suggest some suitable options. I’ve been on a CB250 for the last five years and never ridden anything else.

    My bike’s main purpose is the daily commute into the city (approx 20kms return), but I’m hoping with the right bike I can enjoy some more weekend riding.

    I’m a chick, about 5’6”, don’t want anything too heavy or hard to handle, and one where I can comfortably reach the ground.

    My budget is up to $10,000 but I’d really be aiming more around the $7000 mark.

    So far the only ones I’ve come across that seem to suit are the GS500, GS500F, SV650 or the GSR600 (not quite sure how I ended up with only Suzukis!)

    Thanks guys.
  2. cb600 hornet, boring but does all the right things all the time. just a thought. would forget the 500's now!!
  3. :WStupid:
    ridden one at the HART courses and they are a lovely bike to ride
  4. Speed triple. Yeah I'm biased :p

    Oops I mean street triple.
  5. Being as you are a shortarse, have a look at Honda's CB400. I hear they're a great thing, with a low CoG, more power than a GS500, and there's also an ABS option if you're that way inclined. Not a bad thing to have methinks, it only has to save you once to be worth it. And they have V-TEC, so you can also Pwn lebs in integras with your superior VTEC.
  6. as I say with everything... go sit on everything you can in your price range. Whether you like the look of it or not. That's going to be the real test.

    Saying that, I do like the SV650. Gotta love the v-twin ;)
  7. Because you have good taste and have discovered that five years is quite long enough to own a Honda :bolt:.
  8. I'll add a vote for the SV650 (of the ones you listed). Ideal for your usage and they're plentiful on the used market, so there are some good deals on some tidy ones to be had.

    I otherwise say the Street Triple always should be tried in the middleweight segment, but there are more and cheaper SVs around and I think the seat's lower. It'll go plenty well for you after the 250, and has a beaut motor.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! After a bit more research I'm leaning towards the SV650. Now I just need to find one I can take for a test ride!
  10. Have a look at the Kawasaki ER-6n (like the one I'm selling, see signature or here ). :D

    Seriously though, they're a great bike, handle really well, have ABS option, have enough go to keep you honest, not hard on the wallet (fairly cheap to buy/run) and all in all an easy bike to live with.

    About the only down side is that it is a bit small for someone like me 6ft3in (hence why I am selling).

    Seat height is a little bit lower than the SV650 (800 vs 785, not sure if either vary year to year), my girlie is about 5ft2in and she can only touch the ground on mine with the tips of her toes.
  11. With your fives years spent on a CB250 you sound like you're a content-to-be-frugal person. Bear in mind that the bikes you're leaning toward are going to be decently more expensive to maintain compared to the CB250. If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful commuter like a CB, but bigger, then bikes like the GS500 are the go. I'd also mention some of the big singles but they might be a bit tall. Just be mindful of the complexity and so greater expense (in parts because they're more of them - eg a complex modern four cylinder bike compared to an old-fashioned single cylinder - and because parts like chains and tyres cost double what you're now paying; in mechanic labour costs because it takes so very much longer to do anything compared to your skeletal CB250; in the need to go to a mechanic because you're neighbour cannot fix it like he could your lawn-mower-like CB250).

    Not to put you off however. One of the best things I ever did was swap my adequate postie bike for a big SR185 - it opened up the countryside to me and I've never looked back, and the extra expense of the bikes I've owned thereafter is therefore acceptable - indeed it is cheap as far as a passionate hobby goes.

    I know nothing of the bikes you're talking about but the SV sounds good. It's a v-twin, and twins are a great combination of character and capability. I just bought a Kawasaki W650 and utterly swear by it (and it's simple like a GS500). I commuted for 18 months on a Hornet and I concur with goddie, except that the expense, complexity and hard-to-get-at-ness of the mechanicals - compared to simple air-cooled bikes - annoyed me.

    Is your aesthetic preference for the sportier bikes? Otherwise check out the W650. Or spend your $10k on this and ride it for the next twenty years.
  12. Hornet. I ride my Duke 10Km in traffic just to get to the old road or out of the main area and my wrists are numb.

    Hornets are a fantastic bike to commute on. Well said Goddie
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned a Duc Monster. Perfect girls bike with the low seat height. From what i have read, the SV650's have quite a high seat height. Might have to go sit on one to see if it fits you.
  14. goign with Mattb's theme, if you ARE looking at a cruiser, I DID have a Yamaha Vstar 650 classic, low seat, comfy [as all cruisers are] and being air cooled again as Mattb states, easy of maintenance. There are enough bikes to choose from, it will come down to your personal choice in the end, be it 'nicer to look at' or 'fuglee' but thats what I like about it. Test ride before you buy of course and dont let the 'size' of the cruisers put you off, as you know, once moving, the weight factor goes out the window, they may not corner or pull up like the sports bikes!!
  15. For a cruiser I like the VN 800. Very easy to handle. Bit on the heavy side but very nice to clunk along on all day.

    As for the other mmm.
    I like the SV because it's a V twin and has a nice note when you mod the pipes. It looks ok. And for you it would handle fine. For my old fat arse they are pretty soft. And I am a bit rough with them.

    The GS & ER's are more similar to what you are use to in their power delivery and nature.

    If you are looking for something that has character and is just plain lovely to ride I would go for a quick spin on a Triumph Bonneville. Should be able to pull a slightly used one for around ten. They have a unique note and style. They are very easy to ride and they sell cloths to match the bike.
  16. For around $10K you could get yourself a near new Moto Guzzi Breva 750.
    Very compact with a low C of G and shaft drive.
    It also has factory luggage options.
  17. Hey peeps,

    Thanks again for all the suggestions and advice. After a couple weeks of hunting, I just rode home on my new (second hand) SV650S. Not a bad little Christmas present to myself!

    The only problem I foresee is that it's so smooth compared to my 250 that I kept exceeding the speed limit without realizing. Oops. I envision a very happy Christmas/New Year getting to spend some quality time with this fella!
  18. to get around the speed problem you need to get to know your bike.
    I'm on a 650 and at 4k rpm I do 50 in 2nd, 60 in 3rd and 70 in 4th and 80 is 5k rpm in 4th. (In a 60k zone, 2nd can put me in hoon territory) I know what it sounds like at 4k and 5k revs so I can ride to the speed limit reasonably comfortably.
    I suspect others have similar tricks.