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Featured First bike 2011 CB400 ABS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bonzee, May 5, 2015.

  1. Checking out a 2011 CB400 ABS this weekend.
    Thought it was pretty reasonably priced at $7,750 with low k's.

    Wondering if anyone can give me tips on anything specific i should be looking at when i sight it.
    It will be my first test ride on a cb400 as well as my first ride on a bike besides the LAMS test :sneaky:
    Also what changes/updates were made from models 2010 - 2014 ?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Great bike, fun to ride, you will be impressed. How many ks ?
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  3. Best advice I can give u is to take an experienced rider who knows about bikes along with you. Throw a thread up here offering someone a case or two for their time.
  4. I got a bike mechanic to look over my bike before i purchased it. Here's what he checked;

    Front tyre xx% remaining
    Front pads xx% remaining
    Rear tyre xx% remaining
    Rear pads xx% remaining
    Chain xx% remaining
    Sprockets xx% remaining
    Measure discs - ok
    Condition/level of fluids - ok.
    Battery and charge system test - no faults found.
    Steering, suspension, brakes - no faults found.
    Check operation of controls - no faults found.
    Raised wheel checks - no faults found.
    Lights, indicators, horn - no faults found.
    Dash lights & instruments - no faults found.
    Road test, check performance & handling - no faults found.
    Engine, clutch, gearbox - no faults found.
    Steering, suspension, brakes - no faults found.
    Oil, coolant,fuel leaks - no faults found.
    Service history - does it have a book , receipts etc
    Security check advised. - do this online to check for debt, stolen etc
    RWC items -
    Rear tyre definitely
    Front tyre questionable
    Crash damage-LHS-Minor
    Overall condition described as-EC apart from scratches.

    I like to get an inspection done on any vehicle i want to purchase just for peace of mind. I don't mind them telling me 'nah dude this is a lemon' etc but as long as it's checked i'm all good with the report they provide.

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  5. Oh and just so you know my bike that was tested was this :)

    Attached Files:

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  6. hi mate if it's the black one at bikebiz I had a look at it (no ride) but it's like new ;)
  7. McsennaMcsenna 12000 on the clock.

    basejumperbasejumper Thats always an option.
    Thanks bud.

    JayteeJaytee probably a good idea. Very thorough!
    How much did that end up costing Jay? Beautiful bike, you still got it?

    Sven27Sven27 Its not that one but ive been looking at that one as well. Isnt the one at bikebiz non ABS though?
  8. 6 grand for the bike... Yes I still have it :)
  9. Price is bit high for a 4 year old bike IMHO. $6 to $6.5 would be a good deal. As a guide I bought one in 2013 with 3k on the clock for $7900.

    Edit: That included 12 months new bike warranty left on it.
  10. But you cannot put a price on freeeeeeeedom!!!

    Feel the breeze McsennaMcsenna feel the breeze!!

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  11. JayteeJaytee Thats awesome. What year model is yours?
    How much for the bike inspection?

    McsennaMcsenna Sometimes theres great deals and sometimes theres not. They come and go. Its not an amazing price but i think its reasonable judging on whats out there at the moment.
    Especially for an ABS model. This one has warranty to but not sure how long.
  12. Sure, whatever you pay if you're happy that's fine, I only mention it for comparison purposes. If it's a dealer, which I assume it is seeing you mention a warranty, then find out what it is and if there are any conditions attached to it. Also the dealer will have a margin built so haggle, even if you are prepared to accept some gear in lieu of discount. Bike sales generally slow down in winter.
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  13. 2008 model... Inspection was $150 + travel
  14. McsennaMcsenna Yeah it is a dealer. Hehe yeah im not planning on leaving with the bike at that price..never occured to me that bike sales would have dropped during winter. Good point! Thanks.

    JayteeJaytee That is well worth the price. Ill be sure to do it.
    Are there any differences between the 2008 and 2011 model?
  15. Nothing major I can find.. there may be refinments etc ...
  16. The black one at Belmore was ABS and I was told dealer gives 3 months warranty. Good luck :)
  17. JayteeJaytee Good to know. Saves me trying to get a later model.

    Sven27Sven27 Yeah that WAS the one. Spoke to them again today and its sold already -_-
    Back to the drawing board..
  18. JayteeJaytee They are great examples, thanks. But they are a bit out of my reach in terms of distance. Plus being the picky guy that i am im actually after a black one.
  19. Fair enough.. we each have our own ideal bike.
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