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First Bike! 2005 GPX250R

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  1. Totaln00bRiderSA submitted a new Showcase Item:

    First Bike! 2005 GPX250R

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  2. Nice one buddy, great little learner bike
  3. They are a great first bike. Just a pointer on modifying the front mudguard. Yes I agree it was pretty ugly on that model. You can not remove it altogether, it is a legal requirement. You can shorten it down to make it look better. The South Aussie regs are a bit vague on the matter just saying: THIS

    The NSW regs are a bit more explicit.


    In any case I believe the radiator is immediately behind the front wheel so you want to leave some protection from stones thrown up into the radiator and holing them. A reasonably common occurrence. Otherwise fit a stone guard over the radiator. Good luck. :)
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  4. oh, i should have been a little clearer, its the rear mudguard ill be removing. ill look into the regulations a little though, because id assume that the rear of the bike would in effect, act as a mud guard as well (to a degree?)

    i dont have my license yet (life drama) so i went for a very cheeky 3am ride around the block for about 30mins, and i have to say, i dont think i could have asked for a better bike. the biggest problem was probably my confidence, but by the end of the 30mins, even that wasnt as bad.

    she did what i asked, and even helped me out along the way. the balance while turning felt amazing (although, i was a little shakey to start off) and even at low speed and low RPM, she was extremely well behaved. (top speed of 40, and maybe 2.5-3kRPM)

    though, it was kind of lame. at one point i though "oh, ill give it a little juice" and thought "oh, i should slow down, i think im going too fast"

    i was going 40 -_-

    thats when i realized, everything seems faster on a bike. haha
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  5. How is the bike going? was it good? An old work mate of mine had one of them and loved it.