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First bike - 2002 F4i

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jaco, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Had it for a couple of months now, and enjoying very much.
    Reckon the old girl doesn't look too bad, either.

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  2. Nice bike. Well done.
  3. Great looking bike - I considered this one too. Nice ine :)
  4. That is a nice, shiny exhaust pipe.

    I like it.
  5. Thanks, fellas.

    I've actually cleaned it (properly) since then, and it's even shinier!
  6. wait what? a CBR600RR for your first bike?
  7. f4i != RR.

    looks awesome, I always thought they were uglier than that :/
  8. It's an '02 CBR600F4i; the RR was the following year. The F4i is friendlier.

    And I do hold an "R" licence, otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to ride it (and wouldn't have bought it).
  9. :D :D :D

    we so excited about shiny things!
  10. She's very pretty
  11. ah right fair enough :)
    still, be careful. pretty gutsy for a first bike.
    enjoy (y)
  12. Imagine seeing you here! :D
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  13. Not being biased of course, but a VERY good choice! :)

    I've had mine now for about 18months and piled on 12,000kms on it - a very very good bike that does just about everything. The last of the 'comfortable" supersports, at least posture wise. Very happy with it, and I intend to run it like a couple of blokes in the States who have in excess of 250,000 MILES on their F4i's .... (check out CBR Forum for more specifics).

    Well done!
  14. That is a massive pipe. id be changing that!
  15. Now that you've mentioned that, I keep looking at it and thinking maybe you're right. It's too big. It's too shiny. It's too distracting.

    But then, I look and can't find anything else that I like more. And I do like it being subtle (volume) and stock - which it is, and the associated lack of attention from the plod.
  16. had an older one for 4 weeks, almost killed myself, my bad of course, but they go and stop really really well, and you do get the urge to 'go' all so easily :) very nice bike, congrats
  17. Gave her a proper clean and detail last night. Obviously didn't realise I was gonna do THIS today.